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Face scrubs for men: the reason why they are sensible

The skin renews itself every 28 days. The skin cells are then deposited on the skin and can block the pores if they are not removed regularly with a facial scrub for men.

Men who wear a beard are particularly liable to suffer from spots, blemishes and itching. Scrubs help to remove superfluous skin cells and ensure the skin looks fresh and clear. A face scrub for men also has other effects:

  • fewer ingrown bristles
  • the skin under the beard is less itchy
  • fewer spots form under the beard
  • softer bristles that are easier to shave and can be styled better
  • less skin irritation through shaving
  • less inflammation
  • fewer spots
  • less redness
  • the skin looks smoother

What are the pros and cons of a mechanical face scrub for men?

There are mechanical scrubs for men, which contain small grains or particles. These remove superfluous skin cells mechanically through rubbing. The intensity of the scrub is determined by the individual – the stronger and longer you rub, the more skin cells are cleared away.

It is easy to use such scrubs for men but they are harmful to the environment if they contain plastic particles and are not biodegradable. In addition, the rubbing of the particles irritates the skin and can make it dry out quicker. Mechanical face scrubs for men are therefore less suitable for sensitive skin as they can lead to redness and irritation. Chemical peels for men are therefore a very good alternative.

What are the pros and cons of chemical face peels for men?

Chemical peels do not use particles to exfoliate the skin – the outer skin layer is removed by active chemical substances rather than by mechanical means. These generally include various acids:

  • alphahydroxy acid, or AHA for short
  • betahydroxy acid, or BHA for short
  • polyhydroxy acid, or PHA for short
  • fruit acid (AHA)
  • glycolic acid (AHA)
  • citrus acid (AHA and BHA)
  • salicylic acid (BHA)
  • lactic acid (AHA)
  • mandelic acid (AHA)

This type of face peel for men is generally less irritating to the skin – if the acids are tolerated well. Very sensitive men’s skin can also react to these with redness and irritation. The important thing with face peels for men is that the exposure time is precisely observed and that face peels are not used too frequently. Also, sun cream should be applied to the skin afterwards as the treatment can make it more sensitive to light.

How often should men use a face peel?

Men should use a chemical face peel with strong acids once a week at most. By contrast, face peels for men with mild acids, such as BHAs or PHAs, can be used daily. Men can use a mechanical face peel up to twice a week if the skin is well moisturised afterwards. Men who wear a beard, in particular, should use a peel on the skin under the beard regularly to avoid itching, ingrown bristles or other skin irritations.

What should men look out for when using a face peel?

Men should leave out the entire eye and lip area when using a face peel. The skin is very thin on the lips, so themen's face peel would be likely to injure the skin there. In addition, chemical substances burn if they get into the eyes.

Before the face peel, the skin can be cleansed with a wash gel. Finally, the face peel is carried out. After the peel, the face should be washed thoroughly to ensure the remains of the product are also removed. Then it is important to apply a nourishing moisturiser. If you would like to shave, you can do this straight after the face peel and apply the moisturiser at the end. This is the best way to care for the skin after using a face peel and shaving.

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