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For over 50 years ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND has developed cosmetics from organic sources. The products are h… Learn more
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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Health, Body and Face

For over 50 years ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND has developed cosmetics from organic sources. The products are highly effective and proven to be skin compatible through clinical tests. Only natural ingredients which form a natural, subtle bouquet are used in manufacturing. No animal extracts, oil derivatives or silicone are used. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is engaged worldwide in environmental projects. Their own research team is searching for new natural ingredients which are suited to skin care.
Did you know?
ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is a brand of the Börlind group, which is managed by founder Annemarie Lindner and her son. The company was founded in 1959 in Calw, Germany, and has produced only all-natural organic cosmetics from the very start. By her own admission at that time, entrepreneur Annemarie Lindner entered the cosmetics industry to treat her long-term acne herself, after doctors and other creams had previously failed. Meanwhile, Lindner has turned 90 and is an advertisement for her own cosmetics, which are sold internationally and have won her prizes from New York to London.

All-natural organic cosmetics of the highest quality

All ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products are created from nature without using animal extracts, and are dermatologically tested with regard to their tolerability beforehand. The organic ingredients used by Börlind are grown sustainably, and the spring water used is taken from the company’s own source in the Black Forest. While the products were only sold in health food shops during the company’s first few years, the Börlind product range is now sold around the world. Among others, the manufacturer Tautropfen also belongs to the group of companies. The diverse skin care products range from System Absolute to around half a dozen other lines.

Multi-faceted care from sustainable cultivation

System Absolute is a highly effective skin care line for demanding, already wrinkle-prone skin. It has anti-ageing effects and supports the natural regeneration of the skin. Thanks to liposomes and nanoparticles, the skin feels noticeably firmer after just a few applications, while the natural Botox effect also makes lines such as expression lines disappear.