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Men’s razors – here are some tips that will guarantee a good shave every time

Not many men prefer an unkempt beard. A beard looks well-groomed and more stylish with clean contours and well-shaped edges. It makes no difference whether you use a multi-blade razor or a simple razor for men: Every razor can fundamentally change a man’s appearance. If you follow a few tips, you can have a successful shave without hurting yourself.

You need a high-quality men’s razor for a good shave

There are numerous razors for men available for purchase. The choice of model ultimately depends on the design and your budget. Disposable razors do not give such a good shave, are not of the best quality and are also bad for the environment. It is more sustainable to opt for a razor for men, that has changeable blades.

  • Disposable razors for men: This razor for men is certainly cheap to buy but the quality is simply not there. The blades become blunt after just a few uses yet the blade head cannot be changed. So the entire men’s razor winds up in the bin – which is a waste and makes such razors only worth using when you go on holiday, at best.
  • Wet razors for men: The wet razor for men is available in a variety of designs. It comes with an ergonomic handle, various gadgets and different blade heads for a simple wet shave. It is important to use shaving gel or shaving foam for each wet shave. This protects the skin and ensures a comfortable shave.
  • Electric men’s razors: Along with electric razors that are suitable for a dry shave, there are also models for a wet shave. These have a battery and vibrate at the press of a button. For a super protective and simple shave that won’t irritate the skin.
  • Safety razors for men:The safety razor is classic and traditional, making a shave a special experience. It comes with a robust handle and individual razor blades for a precise and clean shave. With this version, however, you need to feel the skin with your fingertips and practice to avoid hurting yourself.

While electric razors almost work on their own, active collaboration is required with simple men’s razors. They come with 3 to 6 blades and are practical to use. It is important that the blades are always sharp so you can have a comfortable shave without hurting yourself.

The right preparation for a successful shave

Before the actual shave, it is advisable to prepare the skin for the shaving process. The softer the bristles, the easier they are to shave off. At the same time, the blades meet less resistance and so remain sharp for longer.

It is best to shave the skin with a men’s razor after taking a shower or long bath. The facial skin and the beard are then softened and prepped for the shave. Put a little shaving gel or shaving foam on the face to protect the skin. Now the razor for men can start to do its work. Guide the razor carefully and with light pressure over the beard. Adjust the contours or remove all the stubble. This creates an appealing overall façade that totally works.

Hint: After shaving, use a beard oil or beard balm on the trimmed beard. In addition, apply a men’s moisturiser after a full shave to soothe the skin.

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