Conditioners for curly hair

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Conditioners for curly hair: Special care for curls

Curls need a lot of attention and the right care. That’s because they need the perfect balance of moisture and protein to stay bouncy and elastic. With a special conditioner for curly hair you can make sure your curls get beneficial and important nutrients.

Whatever kind of curls you have – from corkscrews to soft waves – the right care is key. That’s why there are special conditioners for curly hair. The right conditioner also makes the hair feel wonderfully silky.

Curls, ringlets and waves: Benefits of curly hair conditioner

Shampoos cleanse the hair, but they open the cuticle, which is what actually protects the hair. Conditioners close the cuticle again. Using a conditioner regularly prevents breakage, split ends and tangles.

Curls need lots of TLC and they always benefit from special conditioners for curly hair. Here are the advantages:

  • They seal the hair cuticle to more effectively protect curly hair against environmental aggressors.
  • The hair is far easier to detangle after washing.
  • Special conditioners for curls deliver plenty of moisture and proteins to the hair which reduces breakage.
  • Split ends are also minimised, because the conditioner effectively strengthens the hair, right down to the tips.

Regularly using a conditioner for curly hair makes a big difference

Curls need regular and intensive care, so it’s important to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. Remember, first wash and rinse the hair, then apply an appropriate amount of conditioner to the towel-dried hair and work it in. Make sure that you distribute the conditioner evenly through the hair. Leave to take effect for a few minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly.

For an extra portion of care, especially in winter, try a leave in conditioner. They are a great addition to a curly hair care routine. Wash the hair first, then apply the leave in conditioner to the ends of the hair, but don’t rinse it out. These kinds of conditioners also shield the hair from environmental aggressors that can lead to breakage and split ends.

Buy conditioners for curly hair

Curls need lots of TLC. That’s why there are haircare products on the market that were specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of curly hair. Premium conditioners contain a balanced mix of botanical ingredients and oils to keep the hair wonderfully soft and elastic. After all, you want your curls to bounce and your waves to flutter softly in the breeze.

You can find the perfect haircare products for curls at parfumdreams. To achieve the best hair washing results, always choose a haircare line with products intended for curly hair. Shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in treatment are the perfect trio to keep your curly mane looking radiant.