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Why ampoules are a must in the bathroom

Highly concentrated and easy to use – that’s what an ampoule is. Not only do the small glass vials look extremely high-end, they are also perfectly tailored to the different needs of the skin. Und damit du sie optimal dosieren kannst, sind sie auch gleich mit der passenden Menge an pflegendem Inhalt befüllt. An ampoule treatment for the face has the following benefits:

  • High effectiveness: Through the concentrated power of the ingredients, you will immediately feel that you are doing something good for your skin.
  • Individuality: Intensive moisture, anti-aging care or impure skin - ampoules help with different cosmetic challenges.
  • Flexible: Whether it's a small beauty treatment for in-between or regular use - ampoules can be easily integrated into your care routine.
  • Hygienic storage: Each ampoule is intended for single use. So you don't have to worry about possible contamination with bacteria.
  • No unnecessary plastic: ampoules are mostly made of glass and can therefore be recycled.

The active ingredients in ampoules are applied exactly where they are needed most. There are several different kinds: Hyaluronic acid ampoules are ideal for moisturising stressed skin. Panthenol and Calendula extract soothe redness. Concentrated collagen has a plumping effect on mature skin. And Aloe Vera juice helps with natural regeneration.

How to use facial ampoules

To get the maximum benefit from these little beauty helpers, it’s important to use them correctly. Always use an ampoule opener to avoid being injured by chipped glass. This helps you to crack the facial ampoules in exactly the right place to easily get at the valuable contents. It takes exactly four steps to really pamper your skin.

The first step is always to shake the ampoules well. This is to make sure that the individual components and active ingredients are thoroughly mixed. After all, you want to achieve an even effect. Then open the facial ampoule by placing the opener over its neck. Alternatively, you can use a flannel or facial tissue.

Now empty the entire contents into the palm of your hand and spread over your face, neck and décolleté. Pat your skin gently to help it absorb the ingredients. Done! For maximum effect, always use a full ampoule. Once the concentrate has been absorbed, you can apply your make-up as usual.

What else you should know about ampoule skin care

The best time to treat your face with ampoules is when your skin needs it. Whether you have dry patches, blemishes or fine lines, ampoules can be safely used morning and evening. There are also options for a freshness boost between uses and others that are designed for long-term use.

You can find the right ampoules for your skin by assessing your needs. Do you want to smooth out small wrinkles? Then go for ampoules with an anti-ageing effect. Do you want your cheeks to have a healthy glow in the morning? Small iridescent particles in the ampoules help brighten your skin.

Now find an ampoule treatment for your face

Every skincare-conscious woman’s face should be radiant. And why you’ll find a large range of little beauty boosters at parfumdreams. Whether you’re looking for hyaluronic acid ampoules for an extra dollop of moisture or ampoules with collagen for an anti-aging effect, you’ll find the right ampoules for every skin type and every need here.