Cleansing Foam

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Cleansing foam – a light and airy addition to your skincare routine

Discover how delicate a daily facial cleanser can be. You’ll love the light and airy texture of a gentle foaming facial cleanser. Because not only is it gentle on your skin, it also effortlessly and thoroughly removes build-up, sebum and all traces of make-up. Your skin will thank you as it is returned to its natural radiance and you’ll be delighted every time you look in the mirror.

All that’s missing from your skincare routine is the right cleansing product? You can’t go wrong with a foam face wash. They’re so gently that they’re even suitable for using on sensitive skin. If you'd rather be on the safe side, reach for the power of plants in the form of a natural cosmetic product. The important thing is that your skin feels clean and pure right down to the pores after use. That way you can be sure that you’ve removed any substances that could irritate your skin.

Find the right foam cleansing wash for all skin types

A light and airy consistency and effective ingredients are the dream team for any foam face wash. Some products are dispensed as a gel which transforms into a light foam in an instant. It glides smoothly onto the skin, where it unleashes its cleansing power. Further ingredients ensure that the right foam cleansing wash is available for all requirements.

  • Dry skin: free from alcohol and with secret weapons such as hyaluronic acid or panthenol. They have a hydrating effect and protect the skin’s natural barrier.
  • Combination skin: Harmonising and mattifying substances will bring your skin back into balance. This gives your skin an overall harmonious appearance
  • Oily skin with impurities: a foam cleansing wash with salicylic acid or tea tree oil ensures that excess sebum doesn't stand a chance.
  • Sensitive skin: this skin type requires an extremely gentle foam cleansing wash. Chamomile and aloe vera balance out the harsh surfactants. Areas of redness are reduced and feelings of tightness minimised.

A good foaming facial cleanser doesn’t attack the skin's natural barrier but is still able to get rid of any elements that don’t belong on clean skin. In addition to this, they should also be easy to use and free from alcohol, which has a drying effect.

Why use a foam cleansing wash?

Cleansing your face every day contributes to maintaining young and healthy skin. To do so, above all, oily residues must be effectively removed as these can block the pores, leading to impurities. What’s more, any build-up of elements such as dust, sebum and make-up can cause premature signs of ageing.

How to use a foam cleansing wash

Gentle foam face washes were developed for everyday use. You can use these products in the morning to remove any traces of your night cream. Or you can reach for your foamy friend in the evening to wash the build-up from the day off your face.

Splash water on your face, throat and décolleté. Then take a small amount from the dispenser. As if by magic, the gel-like substance will transform into a light and airy foam when you rub it between your hands. You can then apply it to your skin. There are also foam face washes available with a pump dispenser, which causes the watery liquid product to foam up as it is dispensed. Massage it in using circular motions. Avoid using a wash cloth as this could cause mechanical stress to your skin.

Then wash everything away with lots of clean water. Be careful to use the right temperature. Water that is too hot or too cold can also damage your skin’s natural barrier. Lukewarm water is the key here. Once you’ve cleansed your skin down to the pores, you should then move on to a facial toner. This will clarify you complexion and is the perfect way to prepare your skin for the next steps in your skincare routine.