Collagen serum

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Collagen serum: Anti-ageing skincare for the skin

If you’re dreaming of radiant, pure skin and nourishing skincare, you should opt for a collagen serum. Skin requirements differ from person to person – which means it’s even nicer that there are now numerous beauty products available that give every skin type what it needs. They contain various ingredients, which perfectly enhance and complete your daily skincare routine.

Collagen serum: What’s in it?

The collagen contained in the serum is intended to support the radiance and elasticity of the skin. The active ingredient is even intended to improve the outer skin texture and maintain the skin's natural powers of protection.

Collagen occurs naturally in the body. It has the task of penetrating the skin cells, ensuring greater stability and radiance. Admittedly, the body’s own collagen depletes with time due to various factors. Typical factors include:

  • UV radiation
  • pollution in the air
  • too much stress
  • natural ageing

Therefore, many women opt for a collagen serum in their daily skincare routine, thus replenishing the skin with this important active agent. It cannot reverse or prevent skin-ageing. But collagen serums can contribute to slowing down skin ageing.

How a collagen serum works

The main component of collagen serums is a concentrated amount of collagen, which pampers the skin and supports its natural radiance. To complete the effect, the manufacturers enhance it with various active agents, depending on the goal of the product. Possible ingredients include:

  • Vitamin A, C or E
  • hyaluronic acid
  • plant extracts
  • elastin

Collagen serum supplies the skin directly with valuable protein through its external use. This helps it to fill up its natural collagen stores and ensures the supply to the skin cells. Collagen serums develop their best effect if they are used regularly, so that the skin receives an optimal continuous supply.

The best use of collagen serum

If you would like to use collagen serum, first clean your face thoroughly and remove all traces of make-up. A few drops from the bottle are sufficient for one use. These are applied with clean hands and then gently massaged into the skin, which should still be slightly damp. It is best to apply the serum from with upward strokes. It only takes a moment for it to absorb and you can continue with your skincare routine. It is best if the serum is applied to the face both morning and evening. Afterwards, you should apply a moisturiser. This locks the serum into the skin cells and ensures that the ingredients can fully develop.

What effect does a collagen serum have on the skin?

The collagen that is contained in cosmetic products is modelled on the natural collagen in our skin. Therefore, the effect of this substance is very similar:

  • Collagen is moisturising and binds molecules in the skin cells.
  • It fills up the body’s own moisture stores, so the skin appears firmer.
  • It contributes toward a lively, radiant complexion.
  • It can have a smoothing effect on the skin in a short time and soften fine lines.

Frequently, collagen serum is used in combination with other beauty products, which enhance the care of mature, stressed skin. In this combination, the effect of the collagen can develop even better.

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