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Vision and innovation are the two pillars on which Wella products are built from the very beginning.… Learn more
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Wella Natural Cosmetics, Men's grooming and Haircare

Vision and innovation are the two pillars on which Wella products are built from the very beginning. Passionate and professional development with experts help to achieve an extremely triumphant finish for your hair - Dreams become reality. Thanks to the continually advancing development of hair care products, Wella consistently raises the bar to the next artistic level when it comes to styling. Every day you and people around the world can delight in the amazing result, which stems from scientific research.
Did you know?
For more than 130 years, the company Wella has been devoted to hair styling. Besides various hairdressing techniques, countless products for both men’s and women’s hair care have been developed throughout the company’s long history. The company’s modern innovations include gentle hair colours such as Wella Koleston or Wella Luxe Oil to refine the hair’s natural structure.

A German company revolutionises the world with the invention of the perm

In 1904, the hairdresser Franz Ströher, who originated from the Ore Mountains, opened his first factory. After the First World War, his sons Karl and Georg entered the company and developed the first perming appliance for women. The brand name Wella was derived from “Wella” (”meaning “wave”), and the product logo, which is still famous today, was also based on this. The first delighted customers included many hairdressers, who equipped themselves with the innovative appliances. After the Second World War, the company was expropriated by the former GDR. A new start awaited in Hünfeld, Hessen. Even in the 1950s, the factory had more than 50 employees. At this time, Wella Koleston, which is still available today, various hair setting products, and the Lifetex concentrate were innovations that revolutionised the world of hairdressing. In the 1960s, the hair care specialist from Hessen was the exclusive supplier to the Olympic Games.

With the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Ströher family was able to buy the old company Londa back. The beauty business was expanded by the acquisition of the brands Trussardi, Mont Blanc, Marc O’Polo, Gerry Weber, and Max Mara from 2000 onwards. Wella products like the innovative Wella Luxe Oil are now available on all continents.