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Areas of redness on the face are not uncommon. Around four million people in Germany have skin that tends to develop areas of redness. This can have multiple causes. A mild anti-redness cream has a calming effect of stressed skin and helps it to regain its natural radiance.

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Areas of redness on the face are often a sign that the skin is stressed and dry, or simply that it is not in a good state. There can be a wide range of reasons for this – from dry air to pollutants and even inner turmoil. To provide your face with the best possible support during the time, you should use a special anti-redness face cream to ensure your skin’s requirements are being met. After all, it can take up to eight weeks for your red skin to fully regenerate. During this time, the relevant areas of skin are very sensitive and irritated.

An anti-redness face cream is gently applied to the face and carefully rubbed in. You can use an anti-redness cream up to twice per day depending on your requirements. To support your red skin, we recommend using moisturising creams. These should be free from preservatives and fragrances, as these ingredients can further irritate the already irritated skin. A cream with a high SPF is also useful, as this protects the red skin against further irritation.

Anti-redness: creams, cleaning products and more for your beauty routine

The optimal anti-redness skincare routine is one that is particularly gentle on your skin. After all, tackling red areas of skin involves soothing the irritated skin and allowing it to regenerate:

  • Since red skin is caused by a disturbance in the protective barrier of your skin, an anti-redness skincare product should protect your skin and help to retain the skin’s natural protective barrier. That is why pH-neutral cleansing products are particularly well suited for an anti-redness skincare routine.
  • Red skin requires mild cleaning: A mild wash gel or a cleanser with a creamy consistency cleanses the skin gently but thoroughly.
  • Redness of the skin can also often be an indicator that the skin is inflamed: A chemical exfoliant such as BHA can help to soothe the skin in this situation. Physical exfoliants, on the other hand, should be avoided, to avoid putting the skin under more stress .

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