Hair gels for men

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Hair gel for men: Easy styling and a stronger hold

Hair gel for men is an absolute must-have for a style with a strong hold. For trendy wet-look hairstyles to a head of curls, hair gel is a genuinely versatile product for men's low-fuss styling

These days men can choose from a huge range of hair gel products now available in tubes, pots, and pump dispensers. It’s really important to consider which look you want to create when buying hair gel.

Hairstyles with hair gel

There's a hair gel available for practically every men’s hairstyle. The slicked back hairstyle is created by brushing the longer top hair (about 5cm or longer) towards the back. Apply the hair gel to towel-dried hair and blow dry towards the front. Hair gels which promise medium hold are suitable for this look. Your style looks natural and holds all day.

The wet-look hairstyle also never goes out of fashion. You need a high shine hair gel for this one. This results in a style that reminds us of wet hair. It is now well-established in places other than the beach. The wet-look hairstyle is sporty and glamorous, it is equally suitable for casual day wear or a business meeting. A strong hold gel is needed for wet-look hair to last all day.

Curly-haired men should style their head of curls with a flexible hold hair gel. Avoid the wet look, it will only make your hair stiff. For waves to stay pliable and flexible, a liquid hair gel is recommended.

Hair gel for men with dry scalps

Men aren’t spared from dry and sensitive scalps. For sensitive skin, it’s highly important to use alcohol-free styling products. This ensures that styling products do not stress your sensitive scalp further or cause dandruff and itching.

Hair gel styling tips

Here you will find practical tips for the perfect hairstyle with men's hair gel.

  • Work the gel into towel-tried hair before styling.
  • Don’t use too much hair gel. You only need the size of a hazelnut amount to get results.
  • If you have too much hair gel, all you can do is wash it out.
  • Apply the hair gel with your hands. Use your fingertips to shape individual strands.
  • Wash out the hair gel thoroughly before bed.

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