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What do men need a shaving brush for?

Shaving brushes are a typical utensil for a wet shave. If you don’t want to opt for shaving foam, but prefer the microporous lather of shaving cream, you need a shaving brush with which to apply and lather it.

What is a shaving brush?

A shaving brush has a short handle that is composed of metal, wood, horn or plastic, as well as bristles. It fits in the hand perfectly and can either be placed in a holder and hung up or be stood upright thanks to the straight handle. The handle must be of good quality but not too heavy either.

But the biggest difference in quality with shaving brushes is not the material of the handle but that of the bristles. You decide the quality and consistency of the shaving foam.

With a shaving brush, you can get a perfect lather combined with air. This lather will give you a smooth shave that will cause the skin very little irritation. It ensures the skin is protected and that the razor glides well. In this way, the beard is removed as effectively as possible. Plus, the shaving cream provides moisture.

Shaving brushes: Badger hair or synthetic materials?

There are a variety of options when it comes to the bristles. The premium option is certainly a genuine badger hair brush because badger hair has many positive qualities:

  • It absorbs water.
  • It is extremely long-lasting.
  • It is soft.
  • It is fine and yet has dense bristles, which makes the lather especially creamy.

What alternatives are there to shaving brushes made of badger hair?

There are various alternatives to badger hair brushes, including:

  • Shaving brushes made of wild boar bristles: They exfoliate the skin due to their rough surface and adhere well to the bristles. Though many men find them uncomfortably stiff at the start and over time the bristles become porous and fall out. They are less expensive than shaving brushes made of badger hair.
  • Shaving brushes made of horsehair: They are softer than brushes made of wild boar bristles and less expensive than badger hair brushes. At the start, they can smell rather strong and need a lot of care if they are to last for a long time.
  • Shaving brushes made of synthetic fibres: Anyone who wants to avoid animal products or has an allergic reaction to them will do well with a brush made of synthetic fibres. The selection of such brushes is enormous. In comparison to natural brushes, they store less water, so the lather becomes less microporous and creamy.

The bristles play a critical role with a shaving brush. Though the backbone is also an important quality marker – the backbone means the area of the brush where the bristles are attached in the handle. This determines how firm or flexible the bristles are.

Shop shaving brush sets and choose between a variety of quality levels

Shaving brushes can often be purchased in a set together with a shaving bowl as well as a safety razor or razor. There are shaving brush sets with badger hair brushes as well as with other variants available for purchase.

If the shaving brush set is intended as a gift, many gift-givers opt for the badger hair variant, as these brushes as well as most of the sets associated with them are of a particularly high quality. With one of these, the giftee is getting a set that will last for years and might not need to be replaced for decades.

At parfumdreams you will find a wide selection of shaving brushes and can choose between shaving brushes made from badger hair as well as synthetic alternatives. There is something to suit every wallet.