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Why do you need a razor stand?

A shaving stand is included with a lot of shaving sets. It’s the perfect complement to a safety razor, a shaving brush and a shaving bowl. Not only does it hold the razor and brush in place, creating the perfect storage place, a shaving stand also allows them to dry properly. An important factor in ensuring the lifespan of the products.

After all, a razor can rust if it sits in water or is wet all the time, and constant moisture doesn’t do the brush any good either. Mould can form over time, making your brush unusable – a shame considering it’s actually a product designed for many years of use. So having a shaving stand to protect all your shaving kit and increase its longevity is a useful addition.

What material should a shaving stand be made of?

A shaving brush stand usually has a chrome or nickel-plated surface to protect it from moisture and rust. There are also razor holder stands made of stainless steel or wood. Some are designed so you can hang up your razor, while others help it to stand or even store it at an angle.

Some shaving stands only have one holder for the brush or for the razor, others have two holders in which both can be hung. Others are designed in such a way that there is also room for a shaving bowl, allowing the brush to be suspended and drip directly into it. Not every shaving stand has a hanging system – some also have a place for the brush to stand.

A razor and brush stand keeps your bathroom tidy, making it easier for you to have a designated place for storing your shaving equipment. A lot of stands also look pretty good too, creating quite an eye-catching feature in your bathroom.

Does the razor and brush stand have to match the brush and razor?

When choosing your shaving stand, feel free to decide whether you want a stand that matches your existing shaving gear or something totally different. Is your shaving brush made of wood, but you fancy a stainless steel shaving stand? Not a problem, that’s a really good combination.

There are also companies that offer razor and brush stands, shaving brushes, shaving razors and shaving bowls with a harmonious look. If you buy everything from a single supplier, you virtually have a designer piece in your bathroom that looks amazing! But that is not necessarily a must. Choose from a variety of shapes, colours and materials – anything you like goes.

Consider the size of your shaving stand

The key thing is to make sure your brush and razor fit into the holder of your shaving stand.

While most suppliers work with standard dimensions, if you have a brush with a particularly thick handle, for example, check beforehand whether it will really fit in the shaving stand you go for.

If you opt for a solution that focuses heavily on design, the dimensions may not be suitable for every shaving brush and razor on the market. Make sure to check the size and units of measurement provided by the manufacturer and make your purchase accordingly.

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