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Eye gel: caring and refreshing

An eye gel is just perfect for when you wake up after getting far too little sleep. On hot summer days or in cases of illness, stress or tears, a cooling eye gel will have your entire eye area looking awake, fresh and reinvigorated again in an instant.

A cooling eye gel, or alternatively a cooling eye cream, will open up the whole eye area. It will regenerate this area and can reduce under-eye bags to make your eyes pop again. Small visible red veins are also reduced by the cooling freshness of this product. Say goodbye to puffy eyes – with cooling eye care.

These ingredients are what give an eye gel its magic

As a general rule, the texture of an eye gel should be light and fresh. It is oil-free, quickly absorbed and produces visible results fast.

A cooling eye cream defeats the need for home remedies such as cucumber slices, cold spoons on the eyes or heavy coolpacks. Eye creams also contain valuable ingredients that not only care for the skin, but also provide it with plenty of moisture to ensure it looks fresh, elastic and no longer defined by fine lines.

Typical ingredients of a cooling eye gel include:

  • Aloe vera: promotes the skin’s regeneration, provides plenty of moisture and has a pleasant cooling effect.
  • Niacinamide: thanks to its antioxidant properties and its anti-ageing effect, niacinamide is found in many eye gels. It strengthens the skin’s barrier and stimulates the body's own collagen production.
  • Hyaluronic acid: almost all eye gels contain hyaluronic acid because it is the best tool for replenishing the skin’s moisture deposits so that skin looks fresh and firm once again. Even at the age of 25, the body’s natural stores of hyaluronic acid are already depleted, which is why it’s even more important to combat this trend from the outside with the right care products.
  • Cucumber extract: cucumber has a cooling effect, provides plenty of moisture and also has a pleasantly fresh scent.
  • Green tea: it has a calming effect, reduces swelling and makes puffy eyes disappear in an instant. It is moisturising, firming and has an anti-oxidant effect on the skin.
  • Caffeine: it constricts the blood vessels and draws the fluids away from any swelling, which is why it’s the perfect ingredient to combat under-eye bags. What’s more, it has an anti-oxidant effect, meaning that it traps free radicals, which can damage the cells.

Cooling eye care in case of swelling: what are the tricks?

In case of swelling and under-eye bags, the only thing that helps is cooling freshness. This can come either from the ingredients contained in your eye gel, or the way in which the eye gel is applied manually to the eye area.

For example, there are eye gels that are applied to the eye area with a metal roll-on applicator. This has an extra cooling effect. Using a cooling eye cream or keeping your eye gel in the fridge is also a good idea. Applying a cool cream onto the skin slows down the blood flow to reduce the swelling.

What alternatives are available to cooling eye gels?

As an alternative to cooling eye gels, parfumdreams also offers eye gels that provide dry eyes with moisture or have a focus on anti-ageing. The skin's own needs are the decisive factor, but these can also fluctuate from day to day. For example, a cooling eye gel perhaps isn’t necessary after a good night’s sleep. Here you might want to choose a product that combats wrinkles caused by dryness instead.

At parfumdreams, everyone can find the right eye gel for them – and if you prefer a natural look, you should reach for cooling natural cosmetics which are of course also available in the range.