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Facials for dry skin – intense hydration and care

It feels tight, looks flaky and sometimes even itches: The problem with dry skin is something many people know all too well. There are several factors which can influence the condition of the skin: alongside nutrition and lifestyle, even the season can also play a role. In winter in particular many people suffer from increasingly dry skin. The frequent changes between the cold outside air and warm, dry central heating can be a challenge for even the healthiest skin. But what can you do to make your skin look silky and smooth again? With the right dry skin care, you can give your skin the necessary hydration and make it look even and relaxed again.

The right dry skin care – it’s all about routine

To give dry skin its glow back, you should establish a care routine that is tailored to your skin type. But don’t worry – you don’t need as lot of products to put together a highly effective skin care routine:

  • Scrubs for dry skin: The basis of a care routine for dry skin is an effective scrub, because dead skin cells make your complexion appear pale. Chemical scrubs are particularly gentle on face skin. They remove dead skin cells overnight and leave the skin feeling velvety and soft. Glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid are particularly popular ingredients. Chemical scrubs can be used daily if the skin tolerates them well. It is best to first test it and observe carefully how your skin reacts to the product.
  • Serum for dry skin: dry skin needs highly-concentrated hydration. A serum for dry skin is bursting with caring ingredients. One particularly popular ingredient is hyaluronic acid. It is a natural component of skin cells and is extremely good at binding moisture. So, you are not only hydrating the skin. serums with hyaluronic acid help the skin retain moisture – making it perfect as facial care for dry skin.
  • Face oil for dry skin: in order for the skin to retain the moisture supplied by the serum, the care routine should be finished off with a face oil. The thin layer of oil has two advantages: on the one hand, it prevents the skin cells from losing moisture. On the other hand, the oil makes the top layer of skin nice and supple and gives dry skin a beautiful glow again. A face oil can also be fixed with face cream to make it more nourishing – perfect for days when the skin needs an extra portion of care.
  • The skin renewal process takes an average of 28 days. So give your skin a little time to get used to a new care routine. Then you are sure to be rewarded with silky, soft skin. A further advantage: if your skin is well hydrated, it can smooth out dryness wrinkles. This makes the skin appear younger and smoother.

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