Eyebrow tweezers

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Tweezers – little beauty aids to combat unwanted hairs

We've all been there! A quick glance in the mirror and you suddenly spot a pesky hair. It seems to have come out of nowhere and is certainly not welcome. You grab your tweezers and the ordeal is over. Tweezers are an essential beauty tool that belong in every bathroom.

What types of tweezer are there?

Tweezers have two pincers and the tips can come in different shapes. It depends what you want to use them for. Eyebrow tweezers are best for removing hairs of any kind. Their slanted tips allow you to pluck individual hairs with accuracy. Other types include

  • Pointed tweezers: perfect for precisely positioning individual lashes or an entire set along your eyelids. The rounded ends minimise the risk of injuring yourself during use.
  • Straight tweezers: a great all-purpose tool. These are a welcome accessory in any make-up bag or handbag. They will remove splinters or unwanted hairs.
  • Angled tweezers: both sides are slightly angled. This means that you can exert more pressure and also effectively tackle stubborn hairs or cuticles.
  • Tweezers with recessed grip: sit perfectly in the hand thanks to the ergonomic design. Your fingers remain firmly in place.
  • Tweezers with angled tips: this eye-catching tool can also pluck super fine hairs – ideal for perfectly shaped brows.

Tweezers are made of different materials. For the sake of the environment, avoid using disposable tweezers made of plastic. These are also not particularly effective. Instead, opt for tweezers made of stainless steel. These eyebrow tweezers are robust and you'll be able to enjoy using them for a long time. There are fancy versions with stylish embellishments, some are even coated in a very thin layer of gold.

How to clean your eyebrow tweezers

Regular cleaning is an absolute must for these little beauty tools. Briefly hold your eyebrow tweezers under running water after each use. Then dry them thoroughly with a handkerchief or cotton wool pad. This will remove microscopic dead skin cells that can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you want to remove a splinter from your finger with slanted tweezers, be sure to disinfect the tweezers and the affected area of skin both before and after.

Even though tweezers are meant to be relatively long-lasting, their lifespan is actually limited. Are the tips no longer closing properly? Are you finding it harder to remove hairs? Or perhaps you've discovered little bits of rust on the inside? If so, it's time to replace your tweezers with a new pair.

Looking for new tweezers?

At parfumdreams, you'll discover both pointed tweezers and slanted varieties. Whether you're looking for high-quality materials and beautiful embellishment or a simple design with recessed grip, we have the right pair of tweezers to suit every need. Treat your brows to the best and shop your new beauty tools.