Eyebrow serums

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Eyebrow serum – beautiful brows and defined contours

How well cared for your face looks depends a lot on your eyebrows. They define your features and open up your eyes. If used regularly, an eyebrow serum can strengthen the delicate little hairs. It also improves thickness. As such, it should be a fixed part of your daily beauty regime.

Full brows are not just a sign of regular care. They also make the face appear younger by creating defined contours. Using an eyebrow serum is also an invitation to enjoy looking in the mirror more. Thicker brows are also easier to shape, meaning that they can be adapted to suit any look.

You can achieve the following with a brow serum

If you think applying it is complicated, you couldn't be more wrong. An eyebrow serum comes with a practical applicator. You can either apply it in the precise spots that your brows need it most, or drop by drop over the entire length and then gently massage it in. Applied daily, you can soon expect the following results:

  • Regular growth: lighter areas fill out with strong hairs. The brows will take on their natural shape again.
  • Fuller brows: fresh hairs are strengthened as they grow and come together to create more volume.
  • Easier to style: fuller brows are easier to style and ensure a more natural look.
  • Clearer contours: full brows highlight your facial expression and make you appear younger.

Eyebrow serum is most effective when applied before bed. The skin is particularly receptive to nourishing substances during the night. The initial effects can be seen after 3-4 weeks.

How to use your eyebrow serum

Every care regime begins with a thorough facial cleanse that should include the eyebrows. Simply use a product of your choice. Don't scrub too hard as this can break off fresh hairs. Make sure you remove any traces of make-up. Then dry your skin well. Now you can apply the eyebrow serum using the applicator. Remember: less is more.

Now gently massage the serum into your brows or simply leave it to dry. It's important that it is fully absorbed before you go to sleep. This is because you want the valuable ingredients of the eyebrow serum to take effect in the right place and not end up on your pillow.

The following ingredients are used to enrich your eyebrow serum

Plant extracts such as marigold and red clover prevent hair breakage and nourish the roots. High-quality oils made from lavender, juniper and ginger stimulate eyebrow growth. Biotin is the ultimate beauty vitamin. It's no wonder that it's a staple in eyebrow serums, too. It gives the hairs more shine and strength.

Peptides are short chains of amino acids and also help to strengthen your brows. Some products contain additional colourings that are designed to make brows look more voluminous. However, this is make-up and not an eyebrow serum in a nourishing sense. Hormones such as prostaglandins are also believed to support hair growth.