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Conditioners: For silky hair

Strong and healthy hair enhances beauty. There’s some truth in old wives’ tale: “You should brush your hair 100 times every day for shiny hair!” Every day our hair is bombarded by the negative impacts of environmental aggressors and styling products. Using the right hair conditioner is a good way to repair and prevent damage. It helps the hair to stay strong and supple from root to tip.

Very long hair (or hair that is being grown out) needs intensive care because the ends become dehydrated faster. And then they split. With the right hair conditioners you can maintain a good moisture balance and keep the hair hydrated, thereby protecting it from split ends.

Why is a good conditioner essential

When we wash our hair, the cuticle on the outside of the hair shaft opens, making the hair feel straw-like. The same thing happens when the hair is colour treated. Moisture is lost through the open cuticle and that’s what makes the hair more difficult to comb through after washing and drying.

The right conditioner contains active ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair shaft, and then close the cuticle, making it feel silky again. Conditioners also have a de-tangling effect. Whether you use a conditioner bar or a liquid product depends on your hair type and length.

Different conditioners for all types of hair

Summer sun, central heating, exhaust gases and colour treatments are some of the harmful factors that the hair is exposed to on a daily basis. With the right haircare product, such as a conditioner, you can nurse your hair back to health.

  • Curly hair needs intensive care. Special conditioner for curly hair strengthens and nourishes your locks to give every single curl amazing bounce.
  • Colour-treated hair often loses its shine quickly. The ends look frazzled because the hair cuticle has been opened by the treatment. Conditioners that are specially formulated for coloured hair provide the necessary moisture to restore shine.
  • Long hair is particularly susceptible to dehydration and split ends. If you use premium products for long hair you can make those fine ends feel silky again and prevent them from splitting. Leave in conditioners are great for long hair because they provide it with lasting protection.

Make sure you choose the right conditioner for your hair type and structure. It’s very easy to over-condition very fine hair with rich ingredients, which makes it lank. A specially formulated conditioner for fine hair gives the hair the nutrients it needs for stable, natural volume.

How to apply conditioner properly

You can achieve the best results for shiny, de-tangled hair by shampooing the hair as normal, then rinsing it with warm water. Next, apply the conditioner to towel-dried hair and massage it in. Most conditioners have to be left on for one to three minutes. Rinse out the remaining conditioner and blow dry or style your hair as usual.

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Many haircare series include a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. They are the best intensive care for your hair – restoring shine to damaged hair, keeping long hair healthy and for helping to prevent colour-treated hair from fading. At parfumdreams, you’ll find the perfect conditioners, hair masks and leave-in treatments.