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Patchouli perfume – distinctive and unmistakeable

Allow yourself to be taken on a dream journey into an oriental world of silk shawls and luxurious cashmere with the irresistible scent of patchouli. Patchouli perfumes have long since lost their association with mystical incense sticks and hippies. Today, a wide range of perfumeries rely on the luxurious warmth and subliminal glamour of patchouli.

Patchouli has a strong, seductively sweet and slightly earthy scent. Depending on their composition, fragrances with patchouli often have notes that reminiscent of wood, forest earth, cocoa or exclusive tobacco, however, they can also have a wonderfully fresh scent.

Patchouli perfumes – a touch of exclusivity

The green-leaved plant first arrived in Great Britain from India in the 19th century. Even then, its erotic and mysterious scent captivated the rich and beautiful members of society. Shortly after, the Parisians fell for this irresistible scent when cashmere shawls were scented with patchouli leaves. It’s no wonder then that patchouli is still associated with cashmere, luxury and exclusivity to this day.

Some years later, in 1917, patchouli was used in a perfume for the first time. Since then, many designers, such as Christian Dior, have used this mysterious scent as the heart note of their fragrances. Patchouli fragrances became particularly popular during the hippie era of the 1960s. The fragrances experienced a second upswing in popularity during the Gothic era, as they often have a mysterious aura.

Perfume with patchouli for women and men

In general, a distinction is made between Indian patchouli and Javanese patchouli – however, the oil from the leaves of both plants delivers beautiful oriental notes. Patchouli fragrances are not only said to have aphrodisiac properties – they are also used in aromatherapy to combat depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Patchouli perfumes for men don’t have to be heavy. The wonderfully fresh Armani Acqua di Gio Homme transports you directly into a warm, unforgettable summer. Valentino Coral Fantasy is a seductive fragrance with patchouli and notes of red apple and cardamom that serves as a homage to the enchanting city of Rome.

When it comes to women’s perfumes, YSL Black Opium Extreme is practically already a must-have in your perfume collection: The mystical and seductive patchouli perfume for women stands for pure seduction and combines glamour with intensity and floral, playful notes of pear and orange.

Fragrances with patchouli

The best-selling fragrances Prada Amber and MUGLER Angel, are at least as sensual and also don’t hold back when it comes to seductive patchouli notes. However, if you prefer a floral fragrance for everyday wear, Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb is the ideal alternative. This elegant fragrance with delicate floral tones accentuates the feminine side of the wearer without being too heavy. A brilliant women’s fragrance for any occasion.

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