Romance Women's fragrances by Rasasi

Women’s fragrances like the perfume Rasasi Romance give their wearer a mysterious, attractive aura. Our extensive range includes many products with the scent of the fragrance bearing the same name. Whether you use the Eau de Parfum Spray or Eau de Toilette Spray: you can’t go wrong with products from this range!

A range with a sensual nature

Women’s fragrances have been used for hundreds of years. However, never before has there been a fragrance as aromatic as Rasasi Romance. The aromatic nuances of the fragrance are based on essences of musk and tropical woods. The ornate, floral character is created with subtle hints of jasmine, rose, cedar wood, and sandalwood. Amber, musk, galbanum, and apricot create an unmistakable character that radiates femininity. Be enchanted by a range who products could become a true everyday companion!