Cosmetics, Body and Skin care of Erborian

Erborian is a successful example of how constructive the global present can be. Hojung Lee has sound… Learn more
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Erborian Cosmetics, Body and Skin care

Erborian is a successful example of how constructive the global present can be. Hojung Lee has sound expertise in the Korean beauty philosophy. Cosmopolitan globetrotter Katalin Berenyi has gathered experience in the marketing and management of international cosmetics companies. These competences stand the jointly founded, Australia-based brand in good stead. Today, Erborian is hugely popular in both Europe and Asia, with the success largely due to the label’s extraordinary philosophy. Traditional knowledge from Korea meets tried and tested Oriental beauty treatment methods and innovative insights from the field of natural sciences. Together, these help to produce unique formulas that revive even stressed skin. The company’s lines are primarily devoted to youthful radiance and preserving beauty.

Cosmetics with unique formulae

A key ingredient in the cosmetics is Korean red ginseng. This product of nature is like a treasure trove of beauty and is traded in a similar way to gold. Used regularly, it leaves the skin looking firmer, stronger and significantly more radiant. These convincing effects are achieved through the use of additional natural ingredients. Extracts of chestnuts and liquorice, for example, help cleanse and regenerate the skin. Green plum, ginger and gingko bilabo also play a role in these rich formulas. The brand’s portfolio includes facial and body care lines, dedicated to gently cleansing, moisturising and also protecting the skin. The range is supplemented by special cosmetics to treat temporary complexion-related problems, BB Crème Au Ginseng is a classic example, which has achieved cult status. This product for everyday use condenses three requirements into one formula: the skin is supplied with moisture, reliably protected against the sun and tinted with natural make-up. Have a browse and discover the Erborian portfolio.