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Popular perfumes – fragrances that fascinate their fans

A fragrance can bring out your own personality, awaken memories or attract the attention of others. Parfume has an intense effect on people. Not only do we smell good with the right perfume, but we can also highlight what type of person we are.

Best-selling perfumes for every season

Popular perfumes spark positive emotions in many people. Often, this comes down to the composition of ingredients. Given the right balance, thefragrance compositions trigger a pleasant feeling, causing us to feel more comfortable in our own skin.

  • Featuring extremely popular fragrance notes, every perfume comprises three components – known as the basics. The head note is the first thing we notice, but it fades after a short time. Next comes the heart note. This creates the focal point of a fragrance, which lasts for many hours. The base note denotes the intense fragrances contained in the perfume. It emphasises the heart note.
  • Getting to know a fragrance: A fragrance that stays in our memory often becomes a firm favourite. But in perfumeries, the air is often awash with an array of different perfumes. It can be tricky to pick out a new favourite perfume there. It's better to really engage with a perfume and get to know it – away from all the hustle and bustle.
  • Give the perfume time: The fragrance of the perfume develops gradually. Give it time to reveal itself to you. Only then is it time to decide whether you've found your new favourite perfume.

Scents of popular perfumes at a glance

Nothing is more personal than the fragrance of your favourite perfume. We love to wear it on special occasions, on dates or whenever we want to relive the memories we associate with it. But it is the individual fragrance notes that offer olfactory delight and awaken feelings within us.

Floral fragrances are often enhanced with floral essences. Rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang are particularly popular. These slightly sweet yet woody fragrance notes are used above all in best-selling perfumes for women. They take more of a back seat when it comes to men's fragrances.

Oriental fragrances on the other hand use bitter, spicy fragrance extracts to captivate. Here you’ll find nutmeg combined with clove, cleverly layered on top of vanilla or cinnamon. Exotic fragrances are generally viewed as dominant and intense. They have an invigorating effect and are therefore contained in many best-selling perfumes for women and men.

Aromatic fragrance notes on the other hand can be combined with fresh or fruity essences. Here it's possible to combine patchouli with lavender, cardamom or citrus fruits. These fragrances have a distinctive, pleasant scent. They leave behind one thing, above all: impact.

The popularity of a perfume often depends on what is fashionable. However, if you select a best-selling perfume, it should always also reflect your own personality. A fragrance from Dior, Lancôme or Chanel should enamour you and appeal to your senses. Everyone’s taste is different and that’s the way it should be.

Favourite perfumes that are always appealing

There is truly a perfume to suit every taste. Fresh perfumes, which contain the scent of melon or citrus fruits, are perfect for sporty types. Floral and sweet nuances, on the other hand, are for romantic moments. But if you are looking for an intense fragrance that makes a statement, reach for a bold fragrance that will last more or less all day.

Every perfume is unique. It's about playing with fragrances in order to find the perfect perfume for making a lasting impression.

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The right perfume will round off your outfit and ensure your scent is appealing and seductive. Here you’ll find a wide range of the most popular perfumes. It's the perfect opportunity to seek inspiration and find your new favourite perfume.