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Base coat nail polish

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Base coat – long-lasting brilliant colours

Base coat is a colourless polish that should be applied as the first coat on the nails. It prevents fingernails and toenails from discolouring and smooths irregularities like ridges and pitting. And there is another reason why a base coat is actually indispensable: If the colour is applied before the base coat has dried completely, it lasts considerably longer.

Long-lasting discolouration of nails can scarcely be avoided if strong red shades and other dark colours are constantly used. This looks unsightly and slovenly when there is no polish on the nails. On the other hand, when it comes to paler colours, you can easily do without a base coat if there is none to hand. Beige shades or delicate pink can be removed without leaving any discolouration behind.

Why a nail polish base coat is part of a professional manicure

Who hasn’t been there? An important appointment or date is before you and your nails urgently need another coat. When you are pressed for time, there is a great temptation to do without base coat and apply the colour straightaway. If dark polish is removed straightaway next day, there is little danger of any unsightly discolouration remaining. But generally it is always worth using a base coat. We have put together the most important benefits below:

  • Irregularities are smoothed out. This brings out the brilliance of the polish.
  • If a base coat is used regularly, it strengthens the nails and thus makes them less brittle.
  • When using gel polish, the nail polish base coat does not have to be additionally hardened under the LED lamp.
  • And, as already mentioned: The clear base coat protects toenails and fingernails from discolouration.

If there is no base coat to hand, a colourless nail polish can be used, if necessary. This protects the nails but scarcely extends the durability of the colour and, of course, does not strengthen natural nails in the way a high-quality base coat does.

What makes a good base coat

A base coat is only worthy of the name if it really offers the benefits mentioned above. Base coat that can help with nail problems is also available. Thin nails or nails that break off quickly or become brittle, get better over time if an appropriate nail hardener is used. It is worth using an anti-split base coat if the nail colour has previously chipped very quickly. The special base coat seals the nail surface so the colour looks freshly painted all day, if not, indeed, all week long.

Some brands offer vegan nail polish base coat. People with allergies and sensitive skin are sure to find the appropriate product for them. There is a great selection of clear polishes, which are not only free from colour but are also free from preservatives and microplastics.

Order base coat at parfumdreams

Parfumdreams offers a wide selection of base coats for every requirement. If, in the past, it was necessary to give the nails a few days to recover without being painted, today there are numerous base coats that are effective for healthy fingernails and toenails. For the best results, we recommend you pick a base coat, colour and a top coat from one brand.

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