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4711 perfume

They still exist - the popular classics in the fragrance and perfume segment. 4711 is one such fragrance, known and made famous by the name Echt Kölnisch Wasser. The traditional label, whose women's fragrances come in the characteristic Molanus bottle, has been around since the 18th century. The exact composition of the fragrance is still unknown today. The ingredients are natural ingredients with essential oils of lavender, mandarin, neroli, rosemary and lemon. They provide the persistently aromatic and fresh fragrance that gives many women a refreshing experience. Genuine cologne - an invigorating feeling of freshness for new inspiration. Either in spray form or in a small bulk bottle, 4711 Genuine Cologne Water can be taken anywhere.

4711- fragrances for women & modern variants

Combining tradition and modernity - this is what the brand stands for today. This is made clear by the new product lines, which not only include the classic women's fragrances, but have also added aftershave, shower gel and deodorants to the portfolio. Genuine cologne soap and refreshing tissues round off the 4711 range. The Remix series makes the modern claim clear and is launched in eau de cologne spray form. Fragrances such as Remix Summerhouse Party Orange lend its wearer a Mediterranean flair, while Remix Festival Vibes with neroli presents itself with fresh tea flavours that, together with fruity aromas, radiate an approaching spring awakening. Remix Exotic Paradise with a grapefruit note combines traditional nuances with exotic fragrance elements. Applied to the décolleté, neck and arms - and tart, refreshing moments are guaranteed. Speaking of tradition & modernity: the product line is still ideal for a gift.

4711 Perfume: Traditional fragrances for him & her

Eau de Cologne – is the name of the world-famous 4711 perfume from the house of Muelhens GmbH & Co. KG. Original Eau de Cologne, in other words. A secret recipe of essential oils of lemon, mandarin, lavender, rosemary and neroli make up the enduring and traditional 4711 fragrance.

The origin of the name of the perfume is simple: the famous perfume was created at house number 4711 in the Glockengasse in Cologne. The 4711 perfume, which was still classified as a perfumed water at the time, has been available since 1799. The soothing and fresh appeal of the fragrance composition reflects a timeless elegance that founder Wilhelm Mülhens recognised and successfully marketed at the time.

4711 fragrances for every occasion

4711 perfume is a timeless companion for every day. The soothing yet revitalising properties refresh both in summer and winter. This fragrance composition is a true all-rounder thanks to essential oils and fresh herbs. Anyone who chooses this perfume knows what to expect because the secret of the 4711 recipe has remained unchanged since the 19th century. The famous Molanus bottle, designed by Heinrich Peter Molanus of Cologne, is unique and a veritable head-turner.

Cologne Eau de Toilette is pure tradition. The company focuses on proven fragrance classics and timeless elegance. As a result, it is not surprising that the bottle and cover have remained virtually unchanged since the nineteenth century.

Other products in the range have the typical “cologne scent” in addition to the classic 4711 fragrance. Enjoy a gentle cleansing experience with Original Eau de Cologne Soap.

4711 Perfume: Modern Cologne

Despite the great promise of tradition, the famous 4711 fragrance comes in a variety of remix versions, bringing a breath of fresh air to the company’s fragrance shelf.

Each of the Remix fragrance variations highlights one of the main components of the well-known fragrance classic. Some fragrance creations that appear in the remix with 4711:

The 4711 brand has continued to diversify its range over the past few years. As a result, the popular classic remains intact and is constantly given a modern makeover.

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