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Nail Wonder Mineral by ARTDECO

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Description by Nail care Nail Wonder Mineral by ARTDECO

Product sub-line: Skin care
Range: Nail care
Description: Nail Wonder Mineral

It’s just so wonderful what the Nail Wonder by ARTDECO provides for perfectly manicured nails. The nourishing multi-function varnish is not just an essential aid for varnishing nails, but also strengthens the natural nail with high-quality minerals and promotes its elasticity. It is ideal as top or base coat, and seals and refreshes coloured lacquer. It gives your nails an intense, brilliant shine and ensures perfect durability. The natural nail becomes stronger and protected against chipping, and is more elastic too. High-quality minerals such as silicone, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron as well as Vitamin E strengthen the nails and enhance the nail growth. Does not contain toluene and formaldehyde.

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Use by Nail care Nail Wonder Mineral by ARTDECO

Apply one to two layers to the cleaned nails. When used as base coat, one layer is sufficient.

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