Time To Energize Men Men's skin care by Ahava

Women all over the world have known about the effectiveness of beauty products from the Dead Sea for decades. With its line Time to Energize Men Ahava now makes sure the opposite sex can also enjoy the benefits of these natural treasures sourced from the lowest point on earth . In the creation of the skincare range for men the brand stays true to its philosophy and puts its trust primarily in the numerous minerals that can be found in these waters.

Detoxifying, calming, nourishing: Men’s skincare from the Dead Sea

The product range Time to Energize Men also uses extracts of Ginkgo ang Ginseng. When using the men’s skincare products from Ahava the skin is detoxifiedand revitalised. What’s more, the skincare ensures hydration and calms the skin. Quintessentially, users enjoy smooth skin and look well-groomed. The product line includes for example a shaving cream, a cleansing gel, a face cream and a shower gel.