Alessandro - Peel-off nail polish - Correction Pen Alessandro - Peel-off nail polish - Correction Pen
4,50 ml

4,50 ml

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Description by Peel-off nail polish Correction Pen by Alessandro

It’s often the small things that make life that much more comfortable. This is particularly true of the Striplac Corrector Pen from Alessandro. With its amazing Striplac Manicure System, the make-up specialist has already made the hearts of many users beat faster. This System makes drying time very quick under UV-LED light, is extremely long-lasting and can be easily peeled off the nail whenever you want to re-design your nails. Add to that the possibility of removing possible mistakes quickly, precisely and with minimal effort. The

Striplac Corrector Pen

is filled with an active Cleaner solution and has a point which was designed specifically for pinpoint work. If you notice a small mistake, you can simply remove it at lightning speed with the Pen and carry on with your nail design immediately. The only thing you need to be aware of is the the Alessandro Corrector Pen should be used before hardening under the UV-LED light.

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