Set Classic by Da Vinci

The brushes from the Classic are known for their high-quality character. These are produced in Da Vinci’s workshops: an enormous amount of craftsman skill and years of experience go into this process. Brushes from the Classic range can always be purchased from us in a Set.

High-quality Sets from Da Vinci

Anyone who’s used a Da Vinci product once, won’t want to go without them ever again. The high-quality design of the brush hairs allows for a precise and gentle application of make-up of varying sorts. Depending on the Set, brushes are either individually packed or stored in a leather pouch. The leather pouches from our range are available in chic colours such as black or white: this means you can integrate them perfectly into any environment. The Set from the Classic range allows you to use different products which can be added to and will captivate with their high level of functionality.