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Belt Pouch, empty by Da Vinci

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Description by Accessories Belt Pouch, empty by Da Vinci

Ladies who like to put make-up on themselves and their best girlfriends keep their make-up brushes in a Da Vinci Belt Pouch. The Pouch, made of stitched faux leather, is even ideal for professionals.

In the large Pouch, each accessory has its own secure place

and can be removed from its pocket in a single motion. So that the make-up brushes don’t fall out of their pockets, the pockets come in different sizes. With a belt made of synthetic fibres, the Belt Pouch is easy to strap around your waist, meaning the brushes are available whenever you need them. In order to protect and transport the make-up brushes and accessories, the Belt Pouch from Da Vinci is easy to tie up and close with a single popper. In order to clean the Pouch simply remove the accessories from their individual pockets. The faux leather used by Da Vinci is water-repellent and make-up and powder dust can be rinsed off easily with clean water.

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