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Florena cosmetics: Proven for over 100 years

Florena offers the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. The brand is one of the oldest manufacturers of cosmetics in Germany, which today manufactures high-quality skincare products just as it did 100 years ago.

Florena Beauty Saxony

Adolf Heinrich August Bergmann founded Florena in Waldheim, Saxony, as a “factory for preparing chemical fertiliser”. But actually the company manufactured tooth soap, a forerunner of today’s toothpaste. Therefore, Bergmann changed the name to “Waldheimer Parfümerie- und Toilettenseifenfabrik“ (Waldheim Perfumery and Toiletries Factory).

In 1920, the name Florena came into being, a floral portmanteau word for cosmetic products, some of which today seem strange, such as beard clips. But the cosmetics from Florena were well received. In 1928, the company was already exporting its products to the US and South America, along with the whole of Europe. Florena was a publicly-owned business until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In 1990, the managers of Florena recognised the signs of the time: They formulated a Florena cream without preservatives – this was an innovative product at the start of the 90s. Many European manufacturers followed their example later on with similar cosmetic products. Since 2002, Florena has belonged to Beiersdorf AG.

Florena: Natural cosmetics that sensitive skin loves

This applies to all products from the quality brand Florena: First and foremost, the brand uses natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera and argan oil. Potentially harmful ingredients like mineral oils, parabens and silicones have no place in Florena cream. Therefore, the products from Florena are also suitable for sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

  • Florena skincare: Skincare from Florena aims to supply the skin with valuable moisture and give it a healthy glow. From cleansing milk to toner to day creams and night creams, Florena offers a wide selection of products for every skin type.
  • Florena hand care: Florena hand care products nourish and protect stressed hands. Rich hand creams with ingredients like shea butter and almond oil deliver moisture and make the skin smooth. The Florena cream with grapeseed oil and soya oil is suitable for extremely dry skin. All the hand creams from Florena absorb quickly and leave the hands feeling comfortable.
  • Florena body care: The body care products from Florena comprise rich body lotions and creams, which absorb instantly and protect the skin from drying out. Natural ingredients like olive oil and shea butter pamper the skin and make it feel smooth.
  • Florena men’s skincare: The men’s skincare from Florena was developed especially for the requirements of men’s skin. From stimulating face creams to refreshing aftershaves to nourishing shower gels, Florena offers an extensive selection of products that cleanse, nourish and stimulate the skin.

Shop products from Florena at parfumdreams

The traditional brand Florena has stood the test of time and today offers an innovative cosmetics palette featuring various skincare ranges. These include the Q10 apricot oil range and the shea butter-argan oil range. parfumdreams has a wide selection of Florena products, which you can order here at incredibly good prices.

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