Molton Brown

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Molton Brown – quintessential British quality that appeals to all the senses

Caroline Burstein founded her first company in 1973 and she called it Molton Brown. The name was no doubt inspired by Browns boutique, located on South Molton Street in London, which was once owned by her parents. Caroline’s first Molton Brown products were hair care products that she produced herself. Later on she extended the range to include bodycare and men’s skincare products. There is one point that Caroline absolutely refused to compromise on. She insisted that all of the Molton Brown products were manufactured in the UK for maximum authenticity and quality.

The huge range of Molton Brown cosmetics

Caroline Burstein’s shop gradually became the number one destination for anyone who wanted to buy high-quality skincare products. Yet Caroline wasn’t just aiming to create luxury bodycare items. She also wanted the Molton Brown products to reflect the very highest standards of quality. That principle still stands firm today. Customers from near and far can trust that they are purchasing luxury fragrances and bodycare products that make no compromises.

  • Molton Brown fragrances: Molton Brown is especially renowned for its fragrances. The range not only includes exquisite women’s perfumes, it also boasts selected men’s fragrances and unisex scents. The products comprise precious essences inside premium-quality bottles. One of the special hallmarks of every Molton Brown fragrance is a bottle with elegant lines featuring a spherical cap that sits atop it like a crown. The overall design is harmonious and stands out from many other perfume bottle silhouettes.
  • Molton Brown bodycare: Besides shower gel, hand lotions, conditioners and shampoos, the Molton Brown product portfolio includes harmoniously designed gift sets that are a pleasure to receive in every sense. All products contain excellent quality ingredients that care for the skin and smell absolutely fabulous. The Molton Brown skincare products are designed for daily use. They are also enriched with beneficial active ingredients that protect and optimally nourish the skin.
  • Molton Brown home: The Molton Brown range also extends beyond fragrances, skincare and bodycare products. The company also sells scented candles to freshen up living spaces. Designed in a vintage look, the home accessories come in intensive scents such as candied berries, winter citrus and warm woody musk. For a fragrance experience that is unique, promises warmth and radiates a cosy vibes.

Molton Brown boasts am extremely diverse range of different products. They combine fresh and nourishing ingredients to create unique fragrance creations. Rose is a match made in heaven for jasmine and sandalwood, whereas black tea harmonises wonderfully with pine or basil. Every fragrance composition is a sensational blend of fruity, fiery or sweet essences that indulge the senses in a very special fragrance experience.

Discover the multifaceted world of Molton Brown

The cosmetics company has a lot more to offer than fragrances alone. There are also various scented and bodycare items, from bath products and lotions to Molton Brown soaps. Every product combines a pleasant fragrance with beneficial properties. The successful UK company offers the perfect fragrance for every mood and occasion, both everyday and special.

More importantly, Molton Brown products offer unique formulations and deliver lasting fragrance experiences. None of the products are tested on animals and all of them are produced sustainably. In fact, many of the products in the skin and bodycare ranges are refillable – making a valuable contribution to protecting the environment, conserving resources and making our planet a more beautiful place.

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