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Kneipp cosmetic products for all-round well-being

The name Kneipp stands for a whole life philosophy, which can be experienced directly by Kneipp cosmetics. Kneipp products correspond to the five pillars of life wisdom of Sebastian Kneipp, who once said: “The human body is wonderful and each part of it needs to be cared for.” An invigorating shower, a relaxed bath, a good cup of tea that strengthens the spirit: Kneipp products enable little moments of happiness in the day-to-day based on naturopathy.

These are the five pillars of the philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp that apply to all Kneipp products.

  • Hydrotherapy and Kneipp infusions: All over Europe, there are Kneipp facilities that use cold water for health. Bath oils and crystals, shower baths and infusions are Kneipp products that transform water into a healthy experience.
  • Plants as remedies: all Kneipp cosmetic products use the healing power of plants. Whether it’s almond flowers in face cream, sandalwood in room fragrance or marigold for footcare: Kneipp products provide naturopathy for the day-to-day.
  • Exercise: After sporting activities, the body needs gentle skincare. All Kneipp products consist of natural ingredients and are free from chemicals – perfect for truly winding down after a good run.
  • Healthy, mindful eating: according to Sebastian Kneipp, we should also nourish ourselves with natural products. Balance and moderation are key. It is better to eat small portions three or four times a day than a big meal all at once.
  • Balance: All Kneipp products serve to strengthen our bodies and minds with natural ingredients – so we can balance the fast tempo of modern life with relaxation at home.

Kneipp products bear the name of the priest Sebastian Kneipp. He developed his own brand of naturopathy, after he had cured his tuberculosis with ice-cold baths. Cold water remains the main ingredient in his famous water cures.

Kneipp: Quality for over 130 years

The Kneipp brand, whose products are still very popular today, has been around since 1891. That year, Sebastian Kneipp gave the pharmacist Leonhard Oberhäußer in Würzburg the sole right to put the priest’s name and picture on Kneipp remedies and specialities. The first Kneipp product was capsules for constipation.

Today it seems almost understated to call the Kneipp product palette wide and varied. Actually, the range is continuously expanding. A large international concern has developed from the small business in the Würzburg pharmacy.

Shop Kneipp products – sustainable and skin-friendly

All Kneipp products correspond to the philosophy of the founding father Sebastian Kneipp and the principles of naturopathy. The cosmetic products are dermatologically tested and completely free from preservatives. The selection is large:

Products by the Kneipp brand have been awarded the independent “Green Brand” certificate several times. This is an international organisation that keeps a very close eye on companies. Companies with the Green Brand seal manufacture their products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. In addition, they make a special effort to obtain natural resources.

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