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Versace perfume

The decadent opulence of unique fragrances

Gianni Versace had a vision when he founded his own designer label in 1978: Bold colours, unusual patterns and scandalous cuts were to bring a breath of fresh air into the fashion world, which so often relied solely on elegant understatement. Versace, on the other hand, celebrated opulence and enjoyed the attention his creations attracted worldwide.
So it's no wonder that the Italian luxury label has been at the forefront of the fashion world for decades - and not just when it comes to clothing, but also when it comes to accessories and fragrances. Especially when it comes to fragrances!

Women's perfume and men's perfume from Versace - sensual, luxurious, exciting

The Italian fashion house ventured into the world of fragrances back in the 1980s. Its first women's fragrance, "Gianni Versace for Women", was an instant hit and proved that it not only had a knack for fashion, but also for perfumes. Since then, dozens of women's and men's fragrances have been added that perfectly reflect the brand philosophy.
The women's fragrance from the fashion house entices with its sensuality and passion Luxurious accents of white patchouli or Sicilian lime beguile the senses and seduce like breathtaking evenings on the Amalfi Coast. Whether sweet and sensual or as fresh as a spring kiss, all women's fragrances have one thing in common: the art of seduction.
The men's fragrance is aimed at men who know exactly what they want. It is a powerful, intense men's fragrance full of passion and masculinity. Notes of cedarwood and oakmoss meet fresh splashes of mint and green apple.
And of course, the shop also has matching body care products such as body lotion or deodorant to go with the fragrances.

Versace perfume: opulent fragrances with a touch of luxury

Versace is one of the most extravagant and most glamorous fashion brands in the world The label’s show-stopping creations have always been characterised by provocative cuts, opulent decorations, extraordinary materials and bold colours. They are luxurious, sensual and bold. The same is true for Versace fragrances, which exude pure sensuality thanks to their selected ingredients and touch of eroticism. The brand found a source of inspiration in Greek and Roman mythology, which is reflected in the Versace logo to this day: the distinctive head of Medusa.

Versace perfume: luxurious perfumes that underline an exciting look

The fashion company looks back on a long, varied past. The famous label was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. The very same year, he opened a boutique in Milan and, a short while later, presented his first collection, full of radiant colours and distinctive patterns, at a Prêt-à-porter show. In the following years, he provided exciting costumes for the New York City Ballet, the San Francisco Opera and La Scala in Milan. In 1981, the designer created the brand’s first women’s fragrance. With its oriental, floral nuances, the Versace Eau de Toilette celebrated the femininity of the wearer.

In 1992, Versace designed the stage outfits for the world tour of Elton John and rose to fame worldwide. Famous singers and super models from the 1990s modelled for the designer. One of the most important moments in the fashion world occurred at the premier of the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, when actress Elizabeth Hurley arrived at the event wearing the famous “safety pin dress” from Versace. After Gianni Versace’s murder in 1997, the company fell into crisis which it only recovered from years later. The sisters of the designer, Donatella and Santo Versace, helped the fashion company get back on its feet, so that Versace to this day remains one of the most important luxury fashion brands in the world.

Versace Eau de Parfum: extravagant fragrance adventures with opulent character

Since the 1980s, the label has launched numerous fascinating Versace fragrances for women and extravagant men’s fragrances, including various classics. They contain valuable ingredients and are made of extravagant compositions that are both classic and opulent:

  • Men's fragrances from Versace: Versace fragrances are an homage to the godlike body of man. The powerful, intense perfumes are perfect passionate, strong men. One particularly iconic choice is a Versace perfume which combines masculine notes such as cedar wood, vetiver and oakmoss with a touch of tonka bean, amber and vanilla. Mint leaves, lemon zest and green apple stand out with their fresh, citrusy notes.
  • Women’s fragrances from Versace: Versace perfume embodies the art of feminine seduction. They project the allure and strength of a Greek goddess that likes to take on the form of a passionate seductress. One of the brand’s classic fragrances is a beguiling composition with wooden nuances, white patchouli and musk. It stands out thanks to its fresh, floral accents of Sicilian lime, white currants, mandarin, freesia, orange blossoms and magnolia. The Versace Eau de Parfum is perfect for sensual, confident women.

One of the newest additions is an ode to the sensuality of women, with mandarin essences, Primofiore lemon essence, pink pepper, blackcurrants, jasmine and freesia. Clearwood accords, vibrant woody notes and musk give the fragrance a touch of spice. When creating perfume, Versace adopts the highest standards of ecological and social sustainability. In doing so, the brand is adapting the spirit of the times and the modern expectations of its customers.

Shop Versace perfume: A potpourri of fragrances for men and women

At parfumdreams, you will discover luxurious Versace fragrances for her and him, including popular classics and new creations. In addition, you will find expertly coordinated care products that intensify the fragrance experience, including body lotions and shower gels with valuable care ingredients for supple, soft skin. The deodorants are imbued with a touch of your favourite fragrance. The gift sets from Versace are something very special. They contain miniature perfumes in distinctive bottles that can be collected and tried out.

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