ANNY nail polish

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ANNY: Nail polish with urban flair

The founder of ANNY, Anny Tu, is from Taiwan, an island famous for its innovations and cutting edge technology. So it’s no wonder that ANNY nail polish and nailcare products perfectly reflect the spirit of the times – despite having been founded in Germany in 2011. With ANNY nail polishes Anny Tu realised her dream of producing a range of high-quality and trendy beauty products.

ANNY soon evolved into one of the most popular nail polish and cosmetics brands. The trendy colours and excellent quality of the products are persuasive arguments for the brand’s many fans.

ANNY's sustainability vision

The ANNY brand aims to offer beauty products that are high-quality and on-trend. They help to make women feel confident and beautiful. ANNY is also committed to sustainability and environmental protection.

Its motto is: “No planet, no beauty”. ANNY nail polish contains no harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate (DBP). The ANNY nail polishes are also vegan and cruelty-free. They come in sustainable glass packaging that is easy to recycle. All ANNY products are transported in recycled cardboard boxes.

ANNY – more than just nail polish

ANNY products are inspired by nail trends that originate in the US hotspots of Los Angeles, Miami and New York, and reflect professional quality standards. ANNY nail polishes include the perfect shade for any occasion, from a glittering evening out in the city to a relaxing date on the beach or a meal at an exclusive restaurant. ANNY products also offer excellent value for money.

These are the features that make ANNY products so popular:

  • Colour choice: ANNY offers a wide selection of shades, from classic reds and pinks to bolder trend colours. There are also various finishes, such as glitter, matte and metallic.
  • Staying power: ANNY nail polishes are famous for their durability. They continue to look perfect on the nails for up to a week and they are resistant against chipping and fading.
  • Easy application: ANNY nail polishes have a creamy texture that is easy to apply. With most colours you only need one or two coats for perfect coverage.
  • Fast drying: ANNY nail polishes have special quick-dry formulations.
  • Gloss: ANNY nail polishes have a glossy finish that make the nails look polished and healthy.

The ANNY nailcare products help to ensure that the polishes look better and last for longer. Because on a healthy nail bed, nail polishes can be evenly applied and don’t chip as quickly

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Discover the vast ANNY universe of nail polish colours and nailcare products. Test out their quality and be amazed by the colours – from classic to bold – there’s something for everyone.