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NARS – high-quality make-up directly from a professional

When make-up artist François Nars founded his own brand in 1994, he set his sights on one goal: With NARS Cosmetics, he wanted to set up a company that produces high-quality and long-lasting cosmetics. He started with twelve lipsticks, which the famous department store Barneys in New York added to its product range. The first cosmetics line from NARS struck the market like a lightning bolt and won over the hearts of countless customers practically overnight. Since then, the brand has successfully established itself on the global market and has launched many different product lines.

High-quality cosmetics from NARS that tick all the boxes

NARS continues to offer lipsticks in a variety of shades. The selection has enjoyed a favourable development, expanding to include foundations, nail polishes, blushers, bronzers and much more. Since then, the cosmetics the brand has become an integral part of the cosmetics industry. The logo in particular stands out straight away. In contrast to many other logotypes, the NARS name is written in subtle overlapping letters. An unmistakable statement that stands for individuality, confident style and exclusivity.

  • NARS primer: NARS offers all of the essential components of an excellent make-up look. The first step is primer, which preps the face for applying foundation. Here the brand uses only nourishing and hydrating ingredients in order to create a flattering base.
  • NARS foundation: The next stage is the foundation, which brings radiance to the complexion. NARS offers a variety of different products here, which vary in terms of colour and formulation. Alongside its Light Reflecting and Sheer Glow foundations, you will also find the Natural Radiant Longwear range, meaning there's something to suit the needs of every skin type. With the NARS concealer and the NARS 10 concealer brush, it's also possible to target and conceal any little imperfections or redness.
  • NARS blush and bronzer: You can use blusher and bronzer to cleverly highlight different areas of the face. Here to, the cosmetics company offers several products ranging from powder to liquid formations. Available in a variety of different shades, these products create flattering looks to suit every style.
  • NARS eyes: With NARS products for eyes, you can create the perfect fluttery lashes. On top of eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners, the brand also offers special eyebrow products to allow you to achieve exciting looks.
  • NARS lips: NARS offers a wide array of lip products. Alongside lipsticks, they also have lipglosses and lipliners for defining the perfect pout. Here too, NARS has a varied colour selection available to offer soft nude tones as well as intense shades.

The range of products from NARS make-up distinguishes itself from other brands thanks to its special colours and impeccable opacity. What’s more, its cosmetics lines last practically all day long. This means not only can you look fabulous at the office or in the gym during the day, but also create the perfect look for an evening at the cinema, in the club or out dancing.

Create exciting looks that are also great for your skin with NARS

Many make-up brands place great importance on highly-pigmented colours or great ingredients. NARS doesn’t do anything by halves so it offers both of these great benefits. With the brand's high-quality primer, your make-up will sit beautifully, even on dry skin. On the other hand, powder products are perfect for balancing out oily skin.

At the same time, the hit brand uses antioxidants, vitamins, light protection factors, hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts to create a velvety soft make-up finish. This enables you to create luxurious looks that look stunningly beautiful while also caring for skin.

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