Sebum Reducer Skin care by Charlotte Meentzen

SEBUM REDUCER - and the skin can breathe again. Oily skin with impurities needs a special care regime. It frequently suffers from problems such as acne, resulting in damage to the skin which in some cases is irreparable. SEBUM REDUCER - a means of reducing the excess oil in the skin - is a range by Charlotte Meentzen that was specifically developed to provide this treatment option. Astringent and antimicrobial face tonic with plant extracts of oak bark, cinchona bark, witch hazel, ratanhia, tormentil, liquorice, lichen and mimosa tenuiflora. Gently clears impurities, soothes irritation and refreshes the skin. Areas of redness and irritation quickly fade. The appearance of the skin is visibly improved with regular application.