Lip brush Synique by Da Vinci

Beautiful lips are simply a part of an attractive make-up look and applying high-quality cosmetics is even easier with the correct Lip Brush. The international Da Vinci brand produces these in various options, such as the Synique product range, at its headquarters in Nuremberg Strong and properly separated even after several uses, the bristles help to apply lip gloss and other lip colours precisely. This makes aesthetically separating your lips from the rest of your face easier and ensures that you and your make-up look good.

Da Vinci Synique - high-quality brushes for all uses

Whilst a Lip Brush from Da Vinci gives you a magical smile, other quality products from the popular brand help you to safely and comfortably apply make-up in all its forms. Our selection boasts the largest variety of brand products and offers many other brushes and ranges from the company alongside the Lip Brushes from the Synique product range. Simply rummage through our selection and find out for yourself which accessory will suit your needs. Professional studios and private customers alike, with their day-to-day cosmetics, take advantage of the variety of brushes offered by Da Vinci.