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Foreo: Swedish ultrasonic skincare technology

Foreo is a Swedish brand that unites beauty with technology. The Foreo range includes facial cleansing products in minimalist, Scandinavian design based on the very latest technology. Electric facial brushes are the Foreo flagship product that shot the brand to stardom overnight. However, the company’s product portfolio also includes very popular toothbrushes.

Foreo was established in 2013 as a startup after the founders developed an appliance to make the daily skin cleansing routine more effective. The ultrasonic face brush revolutionised the market and generated global hype.

Foreo products are all cable-free, which means you don’t have to change your skincare routine when you travel. Foreo has taken facial cleansing to the next level, because the small brushes are extremely effective and convenient to use.

What makes Foreo products special?

The Foreo cleansing routine centres around the ultrasonic cleansing brush with soft silicone bristles to remove excess sebum, dead cells and dirt from the skin. It provides an in-depth pore cleanse to prevent impurities. Other benefits are the rejuvenating effect and a radiant complexion.

There are different Foreo cleansing brush types for tailored cleansing and you can simply slip the devices into your travel bag for cleansing on the go. The cleansing brushes come in various sizes and colours, and there is also a product that was specifically developed for men’s skin. Yet the brushes aren’t the only products in the Foreo range:

  • Foreo Mask Treatment: This product is a facial mask, red LED light treatment and massage device in one. The tiny device is placed onto the skin. It works with heat, cold and pulsation to improve the complexion in a matter of minutes.
  • Foreo Eye Massager: The eye massage device is a great addition to the eye care routine as it helps to reduce puffiness and signs of ageing. A gentle massage action boosts circulation, leaving the eye area looking refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Foreo Face Lifting: The microcurrent device with anti-shock system activates the facial muscles to sculpt the contours and improve firmness for instant face lifting.

To achieve the best results facial cleansing results with Foreo, the company also retails masks, creams, serum s and cleansing products that are designed for use with the Foreo devices and are transported deep into the skin by the ultrasonic pulsations.

Dental care products supplement the Foreo cleansing brush range – and there are toothbrushes for both adults and children.

Why is Foreo so successful?

Foreo has revolutionised the beauty market by developing effective cosmetics tools for home use. The use of the Foreo devices eliminates the need for a professional beauty treatment and they are cable-free, so you can take them anywhere with you. All you need to charge the products is a USB cable, and one single charge can last for up to five months.

Products with ultrasonic technology differ from manual massage and cleansing products because they are more effective and deliver visible results on the skin.

Buy Foreo products at great-value prices and take your skincare routine up to the next level

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