HYPOAllergenic makeup

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HYPOAllergenic – cosmetics for sensitive skin

HYPOAllergenic is the cosmetics brand for everyone whose skin is super sensitive or prone to allergies. Put an end to the annoying search for suitable products that your skin would be able to tolerate. HYPOAllergenic make-up products will give your skin an irresistible look without challenging your skin too much. This is because all of the products from the cosmetics brand are dermatologically tested and only contain ingredients that are as gentle as possible on the skin and cannot trigger allergies.

Naturally beautiful: Make-up by HYPOAllergenic

The cosmetics brand was founded by Bell Cosmetics and since then has had “Less is more” as its motto. HYPOAllergenic therefore uses mainly natural ingredients and largely avoids ingredients whose safety has not yet been completely confirmed. This is why the cosmetic products by HYPOAllergenic are so . No fragrances are used, even in the lip products.

The brand has been available on the German market since 2017 and its great popularity continues to grow, not least because the clean products are not only gentle on sensitive skin, they are also easy on your wallet.

Product variety at parfumdreams: The gentle HYPOAllergenic make-up

The make-up products by HYPOAllergenic are well-tolerated by all skin types but are especially suitable for sensitive skin. Mineral substances and preservatives are avoided. The cosmetic products pamper the skin with nourishing ingredients at the same time.

  • Eye make-up: The gentle formulas of the HYPOAllergenic eye make-up products do not irritate the sensitive eye area and can also be used by contact lens wearers without hesitation. The perfect look can be achieved successfully with the heavily pigmented colours and long-lasting hold of the products. They keep their radiance for a long time and do not sink into fine lines around the eye
  • Complexion: With the liquid foundations by HYPOAllergenic, you will achieve a radiant and even-toned complexion without blocking the pores. The innovative formulas conceal redness and small skin blemishes. Enriched with vitamin C, they also care for the skin and supply it with moisture at the same time.
  • Blusher & bronzer: You can get a fresh look and a sun-kissed glow with powdery blushers and delicate bronzers from HYPOAllergenic. The blusher is easy to apply and contour thanks to the creamy texture. It blends seamlessly into the skin and creates a radiant sun-kissed look.
  • Allergy-sufferers rejoice: Premium nail polishes, guaranteed to be long-lasting, perfectly enhance the HYPOAllergenic range. Thanks to the innovative, breathable formula, the nail plate is also supplied with oxygen under the nail polish.

Natural skincare with innovative formulas

The skin cleansing and skincare products from HYPOAllergenic cleanse the skin gently, while preventing irritation and redness at the same time. The skin barrier is supplied with moisture and strengthened thanks to apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil as well as vitamin A and vitamin E. Matcha extract and aloe vera soothe the skin and can protect it from harmful environmental influences.

Along with classic HYPOAllergenic creams and HYPOAllergenic cleansing fluids, you will also find HYPOAllergenic serums and facial oils in the HYPOAllergenic range.

Most of the HYPOAllergenic range is HYPOAllergenic vegan. In addition, HYPOAllergenic implements environmentally friendly production and has all products produced in the EU.

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Sensitive skin can often react to make-up with irritation and redness. To solve this problem, HYPOAllergenic has created gentle formulas, which give sensitive skin a radiant and healthy appearance. At parfumdreams you will find a wide selection of suitable products for sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reactions or is easily irritated. Order your desired product quite simply in a few clicks and have it sent right to your door!