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Joico products with a system

The Joico brand shows how highly regarded haircare is in the US. A team of visionaries, chemists and hairstylists founded Joico in 1975 in Valencia, a small community out in the sticks of Los Angeles. From here, Joico conquered the world with its innovative products – a typical American success story.

Joico: for professional hairstylists

Joico had a vision right from the start: The founders wanted to develop products for haircare that did more than just care for hair. Instead, the products were intended to support hairstylists’ creativity and thus boost customers’ self-confidence. In the era of heavily back-combed hair, this was a big claim.

But the concept worked. Today, Joico haircare is known all over the world for innovative formulas and patented ingredients. The year the company was founded in 1975, it made a name for itself through the first use of keratin in haircare.

Joico products: Active ingredients for every hair type

The Joico company has had numerous active ingredient complexes patented. The latest highlight is Defy Damage ™: It uses the SmartRelease™ technology, a unique delivery system with liposomes. These tiny little molecules lock rosehip oil, arginine and keratin into the hair.

To meet the needs of all hair types, Joico has developed the following product lines.

  • Joico Blonde Life: Blonde Life by Joico was developed especially for blonde, lightened or streaked hair. These products contain ingredients like tamanu and monoi oil. They smooth the texture of the hair and protect it from environmental influences. The products in the Blonde Life collection provide dazzling shine, improved combability and prevent fading.
  • Joico Colorful: The Colorful product collection from Joico offers a wide palette of semi-permanent hair colours. The hair colours contain neither ammonia nor peroxide. They are easy to mix and apply.
  • Joico Defy Damage: The Defy Damage product collection by Joico protects the hair from heat, chemicals and environmental pollution. The ingredients, including arginine and moringa seed oil, penetrate deep into the hair and strengthen the hair structure from the inside out.
  • Joico Hydrasplash: The Hydrasplash collection from Joico supplies dry and brittle hair with intense moisture. Hyaluronic acid and sea collagen make the hair smooth and shiny.
  • Joico Joifull: The Joifull product collection from Joico is aimed at fine and weak hair. Biotin and wheat protein give the hair more volume without weighing it down. The products strengthen the hair and prevent it from thinning out.

Many years of expertise have resulted in a range of product lines that you can rely on. But it’s not just about haircare: With the Joico Style & Finish collection, you can give your hair the perfect style.

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Joico products are manufactured without testing on animals. The brand uses eco-friendly packaging and sustainable manufacturing processes. There is a huge selection of Joico haircare at parfumdreams – you will also find products in extremely practical super sizes here.