Gift sets Accessories by Ligne St Barth

The Gift Set from the Ligne St Barth manufacturer, situated on the French island of Saint Barthélemy in the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean, contains elegant care products in small Mignon bottles of 25ml with valuable natural ingredients of plant origin. The cosmetics from Ligne St Barth are based predominantly on old recipes of the Caribbean natives’ natural healing traditions and are infused with caring, natural and exotic active ingredients. The accessories make a great gift and the Mignon Sets are protected in elegant packaging with a satin band.

Ligne St Barth Mignon Set Visage:

The Mignon Set Visage from Ligne St Barth contains a caring cosmetic for your face made of four different products with natural ingredients. The caring accessories in these Gift Sets promote and activate the skin’s own natural protection mechanisms and improve its tension and elasiticty.* Lait Dèmaquillant aux Fleurs de Frangipanier - Cleansing Milk with the blossoms of the frangipani plant. The natural ingredients of aloe vera, mango seed butter and calendula oil calm skin and make it supple, whilst xantham gum also removes stubborn dirt residue and make-up. Sweet almond oil cares for lashes and the vitamin E content stimulates skin cell regeneration. The extracts of the frangipani blossoms, in combination with clean Caribbean seawater, support the tension of the skin on your face and give you a clear complexion.*Lotion Tonique à L'Extrait de Melon - Melon Tonic. A particularly mild and refreshing alcohol-free tonic that vitalises skin with its vitamin-rich melon extract, whilst also smoothing and moisturising.* Gel d'Aloès à la Menthe - Aloe vera Gel with Mint. This beneficial, healing, cooling and alcohol-free cosmetic has several uses, for example for cooling and healing sunburn, preparing skin for eyebrow plucking, as post-epilation care, as daily moisturising care for dry and irritated skin, for disinfecting mosquito bites and skin irritation, for calming and regenerating skin after the sauna, and for caring for the scalp.* Crème Douche Exfoliante à la Papaye - Peeling Shower Cream. This cosmetics contains jojoba wax pearls and the natural papaya enzyme, the combination of which helps free skin of dead flakes, removes impurities and visibly improves skin’s respiration.

Ligne St Barth Set 12 Mignon Accessories:

One of the Gift Sets from Ligne St Barth is the ""Set 12 Mignon"", that contains 12 compartment with caring accessories for body care, accessories for face care, accessories for sun care and accessories for hair care.* Huile d` Avocat - Avocado Oil. The cold-pressed avocado oil contains vitamins A, D and E, lecithin, potassium, proteins, beta-carotene, and unsaturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid. This valuable cosmetics is perfectly suited as skin care for the whole body area, or for hair care and as a bath oil.* Body Lotion "Lily". With the fresh scent of tropical lily, this natural cosmetic, made of Caribbean seawater and cold-pressed avocado oil, moisturises skin, makes it supple and gives it a silky soft shine.* Gel d'Aloès à la Menthe - Aloe Vera Gel with Mint* Gel Douche Extra Doux - Extra-mild Shower Gel with Vetyver. The particularly mild Shower Gel in the Gift Sets from Ligne St Barth care for skin with tropical sweet grass, vetiver, coconut oil and plant wax substances and have a calming and refreshing effect on skin. * Shampooing Extra Doux à la Spiruline - extra-mild Algae Shampoo. The mild Shampoo contained in the Gift Sets is enriched with natural algae extracts.