Eau de St. Barth Women's fragrances by Ligne St Barth

The Eau de St. Barth fragrance range will amaze with a perfume that acts as a synonym for the high quality of the Ligne St Barth women’s fragrances. The Ligne St Barth manufacturer offers a versatile range of products which offers the right aroma for every taste. The laboratories of Ligne St Barth lie on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy. Whether perfume or cosmetics product: this is where all of the renowned manufacturer’s products are created. By constantly expanding the range, current trends and fragrance creations are created so as to leave nothing to be desired. Aromatic everyday companion from theEau de St. Barth fragrance range. Women’s fragrance from the Ligne St Barth range are distinguished by an intense note and extremely long-lasting effect. The fragrance from this range is based on a multitude of essences which are distinguished by powerful notes. The notable company was founded in 1983 and is still managed by the Brin family today. The company’s history is firmly connected to the small Caribbean island. The great-grandmother of the company’s founder was known for her comprehensive knowledge on local, native healing tradition. The recipes of all of the women’s fragrance were inspired by exotic smells and old recipes. The variety opens up new paths. Let yourself be inspired by a varied care range that offers plenty of surprises. The fragrance range includes a high-quality perfume which will accompany you throughout the day in an elegant way with style and elegance. Let yourself be won round by Eau de St. Barth and benefit from an unmistakable fragrance that has enchanted thousands of women worldwide!