Fleur de Canne à Sucre Women's fragrances by Ligne St Barth

With the Fleur de Canne à Sucre range, the Ligne St Barth brand has once again proven the high quality of their women’s fragrances. The aroma of the perfume is based on strong hints of sugar cane which is infused again and again with spicy nuances. Ripe pineapple and caramelised sugar is used to imitate the scent of freshly harvested sugar plantations. All products from the renowned brand manufacturer are manufactured on the small Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy. The family company, Ligne St Barth, utilises years of experience and comprehensive knowledge on the world of exotic plants for producing every product range. The family’s grandmother really knew her way around local, native healing plants. The special plant cell extracts helped shape the cosmetics ranges of Ligne St Barth. Skin is greatly rejuvenated by various creams and masks and given a positive regeneration effect. A fragrance range with plenty of surprises. With Fleur de Canne à Sucre, you can benefit from a surprisingly varied range of fragrances. Whether as a perfume or a shower gel: the breathtaking perfume scent of Fleur de Canne à Sucre sticks to its wearer for a long time and certifies her high level of style and elegance. All women’s fragrances are produced according to old Brin family recipes. On the beautiful Caribbean island, the scientists and perfumers can really dedicated themselves to working on women’s fragrances. This heavenly spit of land will amaze with its charming atmosphere and discreet charm. With the ranges produced here, you can surround yourself in an all-round successful fragrance that will faithfully accompany you all day long. Try the care products from the well-known fragrance range too. These will amaze with their natural active ingredients which were known for their caring and healing properties as early as the Arawak Indians!