Fleur de Gingembre Women's fragrances by Ligne St Barth

The Fleur de Gingembre fragrance range contains a breathtaking scent that is contained in countless products such as perfumes, shower gels etc. The well-known family company Ligne St Barth settled on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy in 1983. This is where all products are manufactured. The Brin family had ancestors with knowledge of local, native healing traditions. This knowledge flows through the manufacture of countless cosmetics ranges and women’s fragrances. The old Arawak Indians knew of the rejuvenating and healing properties of certain plant cell extracts and passed this knowledge on to the Brin ancestors. Women’s fragrances such as Fleur de Gingembre are typical trademarks of the Ligne St Barth brand: these reflect the flair and atmosphere of the Caribbean island. A seductive range of fragrances for everyday use. The Fleur de Gingembre fragrance range includes perfumes, shower gels and lots of other products. The range is one of eight seductive fragrance symphonies which is meant to evoke yearning and beautiful memories. When creating the high-quality aromas, Ligne St Barth took inspiration from the variety and beauty of the Caribbean. The beautifully shaped flaçons and attractively design packaging of other products is a real joy. The ancient characters of the Arawak Indians hint at the history of the product range. All products such as perfumes and shower gels exude a timeless elegance and a hint of the exotic. All women’s fragrances from the Ligne St Barth brand take their wearer on a journey along glittering palms beaches and through tropical gardens. The aromas are interrupted again and again by green sea algae, Caribbean sea breezes and the fiery spiciness of delicate Caribbean ginger. Simply an exclusive product range that could not be any more varied!