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Proraso: Razor and beard grooming products from Italy

Men can bring a piece of genuine Italian lifestyle to the bathroom with the timeless products for shaving, and for grooming beards and moustaches, from Proraso. The brand started in 1948 with the famous “Pre-Shave-Cream”. It laid the foundation stone for numerous effective shaving products that are used both at the barber’s and at home.

Proraso – grooming products for shaving with tradition

Piero Martelli revolutionised grooming products for shaving over 70 years ago with an innovative cream that prepares the skin and bristles for shaving. Nothing has changed in the formula and manufacturing process right up until today. The cult product with camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil makes the beard soft, moisturises the skin and protects it from irritation. Later on, a whole product range arose with shaving foam, aftershave, shaving cream and shaving soap from Proraso.

Men’s grooming products from Proraso

The grooming ranges from Proraso contain coordinated products for shaving and beard grooming. Professional tools like shaving brushes, beard brushes and razors facilitate daily grooming with suave vintage charm. They enable a perfect wet shave. The brand's most important ranges include:

  • Proraso Refresh: The classic green range with the fragrance of menthol, camphor and eucalyptus contains pre-shave cream, shaving foam and shaving soap. The aftershave from Proraso soothes the skin when you’ve finished with your razor. Shampoo, oil and balm care for beard bristles, alleviate itching and support natural beard growth.
  • Proraso Sensitive: Designed especially for the requirements of sensitive skin, the white range by Proraso contains green tea and oat extract. This makes the skin smooth and prevents irritation.
  • Proraso Nourish: Developed for dense beards, the red range by Proraso guarantees a close shave. The products nourish and smooth the skin with shea butter and sandalwood. They make the beard bristles soft and smooth.
  • Proraso Protective: Enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera, the shaving products in the blue range moisturise the skin and supply it with valuable nutrients.

Other ranges like Proraso Azur Lime enhance the selection with aromatic, fragrant beard grooming products. Sets with coordinated products from one grooming or shaving product range make a fantastic gift. Attractively packaged in a nostalgic metal box, they are an eye-catcher for the bathroom.

Proraso Aftershave

After shaving, the aftershave balm with aloe vera and vitamin E soothes the skin. It supplies it with moisture and soothes minor cuts. The aftershave by Proraso prevents redness and an uncomfortable tight feeling. The Aftershave Lotion Refresh wakes up the skin with menthol and eucalyptus. It soothes skin irritation and firms the outer surface of the skin thanks to witch hazel extract.

Shaving products in a tin: Shaving soap from Proraso

The compact shaving soap from Proraso gives you a close wet shave. Foamed up with a shaving brush, the microporous foam lies gently on the skin and supplies it with moisture. The soap makes the beard bristles softer so the blade glides easily over the skin. The caring Nourish Shaving Soap with sandalwood and cocoa butter is suitable for dense beards.

Proraso shaving cream in a tube

The compact shaving cream from Proraso has a creamy consistency. It facilitates shaving and protects the skin from irritation. The Sensitive Shaving Cream for sensitive skin contains green tea and oat extracts, which protect the skin like an invisible shield. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount with a damp shaving brush and spread generously.

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