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The festival season has finally restarted after a two-year break and our suitcases are already packed for our next holiday. No matter whether you are heading to a beach party or a huge music festival, one of the most important accessories that you can take (alongside sun cream, a water bottle and a smile) is your make-up. Ranging from natural to spectacular glitter looks with colourful eyeliner. We have prepared five make-up ideas for you so that you can relax and enjoy the summer with your new favourite look.

Natural festival look

A glittering festival look is not for you and you want to avoid the whole annoying make-up removal routine in the evening? Go for something a little more natural! Try a highlighter or rouge with a glowy finish. For a super natural make-up look, use a highlighter with a soft colour tone that suits your skin. For fancier festival looks that still come across as natural, go for products that contain larger glitter particles and that move a little away from your skin tone. Don’t be afraid of putting shimmering blush or highlighter directly on your cheeks – this makes them look fuller and more uplifted.

Our tip: style your eyebrows with a brow soap and put on lip gloss to round off your look.


Make-up removal tips for your glitter make-up

If you are planning to wear false eyelashes for your festival look anyway, then you already have everything you need for this life hack. To ensure that your glitter make-up can be removed later without so much rubbing, start your make-up routine by putting some eyelash glue where you want the glitter and sprinkling the glitter on top of that. This means that the glitter is not directly on your skin, it’s on a thin layer of glue. Then, when you get home late after a great party, you can simply peel off the dried eyelash glue.


Catchy lips look

You don’t want to spend too much time and effort doing make-up at the festival and you want to keep it as quick and simple as possible? Bold, bright lipsticks are the solution here. There are no limitations here – whether yellow, blue, purple, shimmering or matte. Everything goes. For long-lasting make-up, it’s best to go for matte lipsticks that will also survive the most delicious festival food. For a classic look, go for a red lipstick. It diverts attention from tired eyes and is a loyal companion for the whole summer.

Our tip: complement your make-up with bright nail polish fo a colourful look.

Bold make-up look

The festival season is the perfect time to experiment and try out the craziest new looks. So use your next festival to discover your artistic side – go wild and create a bold festival look. Your creativity need know no bounds. Whether colourful eyebrows, long or coloured eyelashes and dyed hair – everything goes. To round off your festival look, wear glitter or rhinestones on your skin. The name of the game: Go big! Use bold, bright colours for breathtaking eye make-up. To really make your eyes pop, we recommend using false eyelashes or your curling your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Make sure to use a bold highlighter so it’s not just your eyes that shine. This will give you a beautiful glow.

Our secret tip: you can use a coloured eyeliner to draw little hearts or stars on your face and give your make-up a special touch.


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Summery sunkissed look

As soon as the temperatures start to rise, almost everyone longs for summer make-up that gives a beautiful sunkissed look- We have put together a list of products that are particularly suited to your look. Not sure what is most important when it comes to summery make-up? Light textures give you a natural summer glow, so it is better to go for a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation. We recommend a nourishing lip balm for your lips and to open up your eyes with a little mascara. The bronzer is an absolute go-to product for this look! Apply it generously to your cheekbones as well as your cheeks, the tip of your nose and along your hairline.

Our tip: use your bronzer as eyeshadow as well, which lets you create the perfect sunkissed look without loads of products.

Colourful summer look

Light neon, pastel tones and bold colours are the best combination for a colourful summer look on tanned skin. A fresh yellow, a pastel green or a soft pink work especially well as eyeshadow or eyeliner, giving your face a fresh look and adding some colour without appearing too heavy. This lets your emphasise your eyes and make them pop. Feel free to use sun cream to give your skin a little glow and to conceal any redness pimples with a concealer. To draw the focus to your eye make-up, we recommend a transparent care product or gloss for the lips.

Our tip: You can make your look more individual through the shape of your eyebrows. Go for an eyebrow gel that lets you either comb your eyebrows up or give them a natural shape.



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