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Florence by Mills: Clean beauty products for Generation Z

The cosmetics label Florence by Mills stands for high-quality skincare and make-up products specially developed for the needs of Generation Z. The brand was developed by actress Millie Bobby Brown, who rose to fame thanks in part to the Netflix series Stranger Things. In developing her cosmetics brand, Millie Bobby Brown oriented the products to the needs of her own skin – she knows exactly what Gen Z is looking for.

Mills is Millie Bobby Brown's nickname, which she incorporated into the name of her cosmetics brand. Florence is the name of her grandmother, who spent her entire life doing things that made her happy, and who accepted and valued herself for who she was. She serves as a role model for all young women, empowering them not to allow themselves to be pressurised by supposed beauty ideals.

Alongside the special styles which the products from Millie Bobby Brown are designed to convey, the issue of sustainability also plays a major role. All Florence by Mills products are free from animal testing as well as free from animal ingredients. This means that they are vegan, PETA-certified and also free from synthetic fragrances, sulphates and parabens.

With these values, Florence by Mills perfectly meets the demands of Generation Z, who are looking for facial skincare which is not only perfectly suited to their needs, but which is also kind to animals and our planet as well.

Florence by Mills products: Beauty and care in one

Expressing yourself and defining beauty according to your own rules are the ideals embodied by the products from Millie Bobby Brown. Perfection has no role to play here. Perfect is anything that makes you feel good. The products from Florence by Mills are about having fun, are easy to use and are always free from any harmful substances.

Florence by Mills: Worth the hype?

The Florence by Mills products are packed full of valuable antioxidants, powerful plant extracts as well as essential vitamins, which nourish and care for skin. This creates a radiant complexion and leaves the skin feeling great. The products have proved to be very popular since they were first launched as everyone wants to feel like the successful young actress and enjoy a taste of Hollywood glamour.

Thanks to their high-quality ingredients, the fun design and the appealing packaging, the products continue to impress even after several uses. The needs of younger skin are served by the Millie Bobby Brown products and thanks to the brand’s clean beauty philosophy, you can enjoy these products guilt-free.

Shop products from Florence by Mills and save

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Irritant free and guilt free, Florence by Mills ticks all the boxes. Shop Florence by Mills and you’ll find it’s easy to enjoy the beauty vibe of young Hollywood stars with the Millie Bobby Brown products.