Hand!Spa Skin care by Alessandro

With Alessandro’s Hand!Spa care product range you can be assured professional hand and nail care that will give your hands an attractive appearance. The company’s renowned cosmetics products are designed completely with the individual needs of every woman in mind: over time, the demands on and condition of your skin will change. This is where the Hand!Spa range’s high-quality care products come in: this unique product range offers perfect care for every phase of your life. The result is excellently cared for hands that won’t show your age. Alessandro’s in-house experts have combined

highly effective and caring ingredients

to make your hands look healthy at all times. Velvety hands are the result of intensive hand and nail care regimes. Our Hydrating products keep your skin constantly moisturised even at a young age, thereby avoiding the early signs of skin ageing. By using the Hand!Spa Age Complex products you can minimise the skin ageing process and make stressed skin look visibly younger.