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Bvlgari Fragrances

Bvlgari perfumes provide a waft of the dolce vita

Bvlgari perfumes embody ultimate luxury like no other brand. The name alone conjures up images of Italian ‘grandezza’ in the mind’s eye. From the Trevi fountain in Rome to Via Monte Napoleone in Milan: Bvlgari fragrances exude opulence in every respect – without words, via the sense of smell. The exquisitely designed Bvlgari perfume bottles are no less opulent, and each one of them is a work of art unto itself.

You can find a large selection of Bvlgari perfumes:

  • Bvlgari women's fragrances at parfumdreams: The iconic fragrance bottles feature rounded lines and their design is both unique and distinctive. The fragrances themselves exude opulence, femininity and strength.
  • Bvlgari men’s fragrances: The masculine fragrance for the modern man unites wood, leather and citrus notes. The bottles have a robust and aristocratic appearance.
  • Bvlgari unisex fragrances: These fresh fragrances can be worn by anyone. Green and white tea essences have a soothing effect, and they exude confidence and contentment.

Bvlgari Eau de Parfum for discerning patrons

Bvlgari launched its first perfume in 1993. The luxury jewellery brand remained true to the innovative inclinations that had made it a favourite in royal and celebrity circles. The first Bvlgari perfume was called "Eau parfumée au Thé Vert". It revolutionised the industry by incorporating Asian nuances that had never before been used in a fragrance. At the time, Bvlgari was already an established luxury brand with a loyal clientèle willing to pay astonishing prices for Bvlgari jewellery pieces.

The founder of Bvlgari probably never imagined that his jewellery business would evolve into an international luxury brand in 150 years or so. Sotirios Voulgaris trained to be a goldsmith in Paramythia, a village in the northern part of the Greek mainland. In 1877 he went to Corfu, and later on to Naples. In 1881 he opened several jewellery and antiques shops in Rome and changed his name to Sotirio Bulgari. He paid homage to his Greek roots by replacing the letter u in his surname with a v.

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The Bvlgari signature style was art deco with the extensive use of platinum, and it is reflected in the Bvlgari fragrances. The bottles have art deco-style geometric designs and incorporate fine details to inspire the senses.

Ovals, circles and rectangles adorn the perfectly designed bottles. The crystal glass flacons for the Bvlgari’s Omnia perfume line, launched in 2003, won many design awards, as have other Bvlgari bottle designs.

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