CLEAN Reserve

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CLEAN Reserve perfume: over 20 years of perfume history

CLEAN Reserve Perfumes is a brand started by Canadian Randi Shinder in 2002. Her aim was to integrate simple fragrances into a concept that would evoke a pleasant feeling of well-being in the wearer. A sense of familiarity. The fragrance concept’s special feature lies in the simple and subtle fragrance notes, which evoke wonderful associations with a relaxed rainy day, freshly showered skin or freshly washed, still warm laundry.

The founder started a trend reversal at the time. Inspired by this unusual fragrance family, numerous fragrance lines with a natural character – clean and fresh – were created over the following years. Randi Shinder has already founded numerous beauty brands and turned them into a success. Today, CLEAN Reserve is part of the American ‘Clean Beauty Collective’ company and the products are exported all over the world.

CLEAN Reserve perfumes are distinguished by these special features:

  • use of high-quality aromatic substances and carefully selected raw materials
  • environmentally-friendly production with the help of solar energy
  • all products are free from animal testing and animal by-products
  • manufacture of bottles and outer packaging from recycled materials

Buy your CLEAN Reserve fragrance: Which fragrance is your favourite?

The selection of CLEAN Reserve perfumes offers you a virtually limitless world of subtle and long-lasting fragrances that you can tailor to suit your mood perfectly. Experience these special aromas, for example:

In addition to the wonderful scents, CLEAN Reserve surprises you with a varied collection of reed diffusers and scented candles for a cosy feeling in your home. Enjoy the calming scent of warm cotton or fresh linen after work with the CLEAN Reserve Home Collection.

Layering: How to combine CLEAN Reserve perfumes

CLEAN Reserve perfumes are linear unisex creations. Women and men alike wear the understated fragrances from the exclusive fragrance concept. What makes them so unique: Hardly any other perfume line has mastered layering like CLEAN Reserve. The easy-going fragrances can be combined with each other to create new fragrance worlds.

For example, give the CLEAN Reserve perfume Radiant Nectar a feminine, warm softness with the Rain fragrance nuance. Or let an earthy freshness meet ultimate comfort when the fragrances Rain and Warm Cotton are used together. Sueded Oud is an incredible unisex fragrance that you can use to build on with many combinations.

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