Color WOW Haar

The Color WOW portfolio includes beauty products for haircare such as shampoos, conditioners and styling products. But the highlight is an innovative line with a hair powder that has been honoured with countless awards from renowned beauty magazines. This innovative product is thanks to Gail Federici, who has been with the young label since its founding in the UK by John Frieda. Following her success with anti-frizz products for blond hair, she turned her attention to another common problem in the care of coloured hair - grown-out roots. The roots can grow out after only a few weeks after colouring, leaving the hair looking dull and colourless even if the rest of the hair colour is OK and a re-colouring wouldn’t actually be necessary. The innovative answer to this age-old problem is provided by Color WOW in a case with brush that would bring a make-up set to mind.

Magic formula for touching up hair roots

In the simple and classy box, you’ll also find a mineral-based colour powder, specially designed for the hair. The ground-breaking product is available in various tones such as light brown, red, black or blond. The extremely fine powder is applied using the applicator supplied. The result is virtually unbelievable: roots disappear completely as if they had never existed. The unique formula with high pigmentation ensures that this distinctive haircare product works immediately and with dependable, long-lasting effect. Rain or a visit to the pool won’t make a difference. The product only comes off the next time you wash your hair. At the same time, the Color WOW hair powder uses reflective components for amazing shine and a vivid radiance.